It’s no secret that the majority of women gain a bit of weight during pregnancy, but there is a bit of a myth that the “baby weight” is something that simple to lose – or, if not simple, that it’s a priority.

The truth, at least for me, was that a year (or two) passed before I even had time to shower and change clothes on a regular basis, never mind consider my health and wellness.

Honestly, all parents – not just mothers – can struggle with finding the time to spend on themselves in those early months and years. Between diets of foods that can be grabbed and snarfed on the go and zero time to get to a gym, fitness is often something that makes us laugh.

These 13 posts sum up what it’s like to try to keep fit while raising young kids, and they really hit the nail on the head.

13. You could make a fortune on this.

I would definitely buy it.

12. That’ll burn quite a few calories.

Especially if you add bending to pick up the LEGO you step on.

11. I’m not sure this burns calories.

But it is a sport.

10. Naked time after baths.

That’s a protip right there.

9. It’s a delicate balance we keep.

And sure, sometimes it’s all in our minds.

8. There are very few reasons to run.

This is definitely a good one.

7. I’d say it counts.

That’s the official judge’s ruling.

6. There’s no reason to go to the gym otherwise.

You can’t do anything useful with kids running around, I swear.

5. I never leave the house not in a sweat.

It’s a whole process.

4. That sounds about right.

I bet the kids laughed and laughed, too.

3. No point in pretending we’re something we’re not.

That’s a lesson for the kids.

2. Write a note ahead of time.

That means you can just split.

1. We can only focus on one thing at time.

And that’s on a good day.

I feel these in my bones, I swear.

If you’ve got young kids and manage to have some time to exercise every week, share your tips and tricks with us in the comments!