It can be hard to find reasons to laugh these days, which is exactly why we need to hold onto the things that bring us levity like grim death.

Parenting tweets are still coming, and sure, maybe they’re a bit darker than usual in places – but they’re still exactly what we need right now.

13. Try to keep up.

Also, it just might be a concern for you…

12. They have to learn somehow.

Why not entertain yourself in the process?


11. There are certainly days that are more patient than others.

But nah, we don’t have time for bulsh%t.

10. Never miss a teachable moment.

Especially one that will save them friends one day.

9. Sometimes you gotta dig deep.

Positive reinforcement is important, though!

8. If you wonder why you can’t find any kid’s cups…

Yes, I speak from experience.

7. I’d say this means you’re doing something right.

Enjoy the silence.

6. Every. Single. Day.

That’s how you know they actually are listening.

5. So creative.

Who knew there were so many reasons to reject food??

4. She needs to work on her technique.

I fear the teenager she will become.

3. Someday he will learn.

Too late for it to be of any use to you, but…

2. It’s important to set a good example.

Fruit is fruit!

1. They are all of us.

That’s the only way to get through 2020.

Help me, other parents, you’re my only hope!

Which one of these hit you like a ray of sunshine? Or which one made you laugh your butt off?

Tell us in the comments!