Pranks are sometimes funny and sometimes annoying, and honestly, a lot of times it depends on your mood. If you’ve had a rough day, sometimes a laugh is just what you need…and sometimes it has you contemplating divorce.

These 13 husbands are always ready to take their chances, though, and I guess a sense of humor is one of the things that keeps a relationship alive!

13. Imagine opening the fridge to find this.

There is no way you couldn’t laugh.

12. I’m surprised her eyes didn’t roll right out of her head.

Honestly, though, that’s about the perfect amount of milk.

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Coming home from a long day of work and then rehearsal and all I wanted was a small glass of milk. Well… ask and you shall receive. 😳#tinyglass #ifeellikeagiant #whyismycupsotiny #myhusbandthinkshesfunny #tired #twojobs #bedtime

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11. This is how you know it’s going to be a good night.

Is it a hint? A confession? A suggestion? It’s all part of the fun!

10. Someone has way too much time on his hands.

This would be a pretty fun way to make breakfast,though.

9. It’s best if they fear you a bit.

And by “they” I mean “everyone.”

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Hubby installed this sign beside my front door…I don't know what he means with that…🤔🤣😂 . . Traducao da plaquinha: "Cuidado com a esposa". Marido instalou na entrada de casa.🤔🤔🤣😂😁 . . #canada #calgary #housereno #beawereofthewife #hubbyjokes

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8. This is how you learn to be more specific.

Even when you really, really shouldn’t have to.

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Hubstink: Do you want your sandwich cut in two? . Me: Yeah please. . ……. . Me: 🙄 thanks 😑 . #husband #assholehusband #ffs #sandwich #bedtime #teatime #sandwichspread #whitebread #nomnom #familylife #momlifebelike #momlife #husbandandwife #love #happy #funny #picnic #myfood #myman #whatadick #❤️

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7. I’m sure the neighbors loved that.

You have to salute his creativity, though.

6. The amount of work that went into this is either sad or impressive.

You decide, because I can’t.

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#marchmeetthemaker ‘Love to make’ – so for today’s prompt – we’ve gone a bit off piste. Obviously I love to make artwork. And I love to make our products to be able to see our designs come to life. But you know what else we love to make? We love to make people laugh 🤭 The above picture was taken late one night after I grumbled to Howard about repeatedly leaving the toothpaste lid off. I came into the bathroom to see that every lid from from every item had been removed and incorporated in this cheeky little set up 😏 So here you are.. a little incite into our lives.. that’s how we roll through the week people #meetthemaker #lovetomake #lego #playmobile #duplo #funnyhusband #daftapeth #ohhowwelaughed

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5. Just a few edits…

No generic cards for this lady.

4. You know it took him so much longer to find a way to stick the spoon up than to just write it down.

Going above and beyond in the name of humor, this one.

3. This is grounds for divorce.

Also I hope he cleaned up the pee she inevitably left on the floor.

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In case anyone was wondering….my husband is a grade A Asshole. Not something that I want to wonder to the bathroom and find at 4:15 am 😒 #assholehusband #halloweenpranks #pissedmypants #nurselife #momlife @theellenshow here a is great idea now that it is October 👻

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2. I don’t think they’re going to accept this at the grocery store.

Maybe at the one your kid runs out of the dining room.

1. Awww, sweet and funny.

A real double-threat guy.

I know I’m not married to these guys, but some of these are honestly funny.

What’s the best/worst prank your spouse has ever pulled on you? Tell us in the comments!