If you’re in a long term relationship, you probably know that you have to find ways to keep things fresh and interesting – and not just in the bedroom, either. You have to have your inside jokes, your ways to make each other laugh, and the clever ways only the two of you can solve an argument.

These 14 people have some pretty cute (and super odd) traditions and honestly, I want to steal most of them.

14. OK this would drive me nuts.

Where to begin? If we are close enough when the other person starts yawning, we try to get as much of our hand in their mouth as possible.

13. If you don’t ogle your partner, are you even together?

Any time one of us bends over for any reason (tying a shoe, petting the cat, etc) the other goes “AW YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!!”

He’s a late riser and a metal head, so on the weekends I stand by the bed and chant “Awaken! Awaken! Take the land that must be taken! RISE!”

12. That long-suffering dog.

Not sure how it started but one of us will look at our dog and give him a thumbs-up. It must remain up until the other person sees this and does the same.

When the dog looks confused enough we are allowed to continue with our lives.

11. I would laugh so hard if I saw this happen.

When we can’t find each other in the store we “bloop” and the other person replies with a long “blooop” until we locate each other.

When people are around they’re pretty quiet which maybe makes it more awkward/creepy for the passerby.

10. Storytelling is fun.

We make up lore for our cat. One of us will say something stupid and random like “he’s a stone cold businessman” and the other will build on it, and we’ll just keep escalating until one of us dies of laughter.

And now that same cat is a chicken sauce businessman, a celebrated figure in Japan, and a renowned soccer player, complete with a fleshed out backstory…

9. Adorable indeed.

Whenever either of us take off our ring for any reason (shower, washing dishes, gardening, etc) the other will grab it and put it back on them while “proposing”.

We have probably proposed to each other several thousand times by now.

8. Only one of them is playing.

Play hide and seek. He’ll randomly disappear and I’ll find him hiding in my closet or in the bathtub waiting to jump out and scare me 😂

Once he tried hiding under the bed and fell asleep…I found him only because of his snore 😆

7. Just like Super Troopers?

My wife and I have an unspoken thing we’ve done to each other for 10+ years where we sneak up behind each other, grab the other’s butt, and if the grabee’s butt tenses up the grabber will whisper “Fear…” If the grabee goes without tensing up, then it’s usually “OH?! NO FEAR FOR YOU?!”

I have no idea where it came from or how it started, but it’s a joke that’s endured almost as long as our marriage and made for some funny moments over the years.

6. These two are a lot.

We merge and shorten words at random. We sit at the tabe for example while eating bossages (as oppose to burnt sausages).

We know when the other is having a bad day as we stick our heads in the fridge and scream at the broccoli if so.

We message each other through out the day trying to be as formal as possible, rewording mundayne questions into very important business proposals.

We rate each others fart sounds comparing them to movie sound FX (the wilhelm scream is 10/10 but has never been achieved).

We say each others full names over and over again to the rhythm of old trains while chugging through the house.

We speak french to our cat as much as possible as her previous house human was French and it seems to make her happy. We also pretend to be scary french monsters and chase her around the house.

We often burst into song, replacing words to see what happens. Usually either about the cat or her brother in law. Some times just drop in and out of song. “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle…. yeah?” My highlight was a variation of slipknots-duality “I push my fingers into my bum”.

…this has highlighted to me that I am unlikely to find a replacement.

5. We can’t all be mature.

I like to pretend to go in for a kiss and then just yell into his mouth instead. It’s been years and I giggle like a schoolgirl every time.

4. Are we sure this isn’t a ghost though.

He pretends to be the ghost of Carol Channing, telling me all about his thoughts, friendships, and past plays/movies – with a spot-on mimic of her voice.

Usually once I’m half-asleep and it’s completely dark.

3. Stage Five clinger.

We’ll cape each other. I’ll be doing the dishes for example and my fiancée will come up and hug me from behind all cute-like.

Then if I have to walk she’ll shuffle her feet really quickly to match me, and I’ll have to move around cleaning the kitchen with this quick-stepping weirdo on me like a cape.

2. We’re all crazy, but that’s OK.

We have two dogs. The dogs “talk to us” but it’s just me or my partner saying shit to the other person.


The chihuahua will look at my partner all cute like and il say in a dif voice “hey b*%ch my bowls empty you gonna go make me a samich”

Shel respond “that’s no way to talk to me you little s*%t” *Walks off to kitchen with dog bowl.

Then the chihuahua will respond “yeh that’s it, oh look at dat a$$”

Then il go “hey that’s my wife your talking about”.

Lock down has been difficult…..

Edit: you know it’s actually kind of nice to know me and my partner are not crazy and that other people do this… Or are we call crazy…..

1. Just like magic.

I was living above a children’s daycare before I moved in with her. I would pretend to miss the crying and screaming every day when they got to play outside.

She then promised to fix that for me and at the same time some kid outside started jammering. So now every time a kid cries in our vicinity I’ll lean in and say ‘Thanks dear’.

It’s a bit of schadenfreude as we probably wont have any of our own, and both ok with that.

Are you and your partner this cute? I think I need to step up my game.

What’s something funny and weird you do behind closed doors? Tell us about it in the comments!