There are some experiences that are the same for parents across the board, but there are plenty more that are colored by whether your kids call you “Mom” or “Dad.” We just see things differently, and our kids see us differently, and somehow it all works out for everyone in the end.

If you’re curious what life looks at through dad’s eyes, here are 14 hilarious tweets from fathers who are in it up to their necks.

14. It only works for dads.

I know, I’ve tried it.

13. I honestly fail to see the problem.

Except for the toothbrush part, I guess.

12. Honestly, why bother asking?

There’s no good answer.

11. You’ve gotta take your naps where you can get them.

Even if it’s five minutes at a time.

10. That took a turn.

No one wants to hear any sort of noise from their parents’ room.

9. I mean it’s decent advice.

That we’ve figured out ourselves years ago, but still.

8. It’s hard to be better than a cat.

Even for a little while, so well done.

7. This is just classic.

And good job writing!

6. They say it with such relish.

I’m kind of jealous, honestly.

5. He’s learned how to work things to his advantage.

You’ve gotta respect that.

4. At least it doesn’t smell.

Most of the time.

3. That’s true of everyone, I think.

But also wouldn’t it be beautiful if someone else had to answer the questions for a day?

2. That’s pretty gross.

Also, their house is definitely haunted now.

1. Sweet summer child.

Only one of these things can literally tear families apart.


Good dads are the absolute best – there’s nothing like them!

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