There are a lot of grown people out there looking like adults when in reality, they’re less mature than some ten-year-olds I know. And while it’s fine to let your inner child loose some of the time (it’s good for you!), it’s unsettling – and irritating – when you encounter a false adult.

Especially when you really, really need another grown up in the room.

These 14 people are taking connecting with their “inner child” to a whole new level.

14. This actually kind of impresses me.

byu/mmeganwalsh inmildlyinfuriating

13. There is nothing okay about this.

I know I’m in big girl sizes but finding chicken bones in the back pocket while trying on clothes is a little extreme.
byu/hellomrscloe inWeird

12. I mean, that coffee cup isn’t even big enough to do the job!

This self entitled jerk at my appointment complex keeps covering his dogs poop with coffee cups instead of using a courtesy bag.
byu/Pencejarett inPeopleBeingJerks

11. Anything for a buck.

Using the coronavirus as an advertising tactic.
by inassholedesign

10. Wow, that’s pretty bad.

People are stealing masks from ambulances
byu/WalknTalknSteveHawkn inmildlyinfuriating

9. I have a lot of questions.

Please don’t tell me, this jerk is drying his stinky ass shoes with the overhead vent during the flight.
byu/brombinary inPeopleBeingJerks

8. I guess…at least it’s not the ground?

They don’t accept food donations people.
by inPeopleBeingJerks

7. I honestly bet theater employees have seen so much.

Being a cinema worker and having to clear up after these delightful people…. yes, sadly the boxes are still half full of soggy cereal and milk
byu/maebyline inmildlyinfuriating

6. That doesn’t look dangerous at all. #sarcasm

Attentive father
byu/SkyeViper inPeopleBeingJerks

5. They definitely should have shown her face. #shame #shame #shame

Seat hogging! When asked to move she refused 😡
byu/Minxi17 inPeopleBeingJerks

4. Newman is your mailman.

Jerk Mailman
byu/viky_boy inPeopleBeingJerks

3. Makes you wonder what was in that trash can, doesn’t it?

Went to the boys bathroom during lunch, and i saw this in the stalls
byu/Reinpaw inmildlyinfuriating

2. Spread his shame.

This dude
byu/Chigo1206 inmildlyinfuriating

1. I’m shocked no one took out this car, Seinfeld style.

Maybe they can’t read…
byu/Nippityslippity inPeopleBeingJerks

I’m secondhand annoyed for their partners but also kind of laughing because I don’t live with them?

It’s complicated.

Would these antics amuse you? Bug you? Would it depend on your mood?

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