There are a lot of grown people out there looking like adults when in reality, they’re less mature than some ten-year-olds I know. And while it’s fine to let your inner child loose some of the time (it’s good for you!), it’s unsettling – and irritating – when you encounter a false adult.

Especially when you really, really need another grown up in the room.

These 14 people are taking connecting with their “inner child” to a whole new level.

14. This actually kind of impresses me.

Hmm from mildlyinfuriating

13. There is nothing okay about this.

I know I’m in big girl sizes but finding chicken bones in the back pocket while trying on clothes is a little extreme. from Weird

12. I mean, that coffee cup isn’t even big enough to do the job!

This self entitled jerk at my appointment complex keeps covering his dogs poop with coffee cups instead of using a courtesy bag. from PeopleBeingJerks

11. Anything for a buck.

Using the coronavirus as an advertising tactic. from assholedesign

10. Wow, that’s pretty bad.

People are stealing masks from ambulances from mildlyinfuriating

9. I have a lot of questions.

Please don’t tell me, this jerk is drying his stinky ass shoes with the overhead vent during the flight. from PeopleBeingJerks

8. I guess…at least it’s not the ground?

They don’t accept food donations people. from PeopleBeingJerks

7. I honestly bet theater employees have seen so much.

Being a cinema worker and having to clear up after these delightful people…. yes, sadly the boxes are still half full of soggy cereal and milk from mildlyinfuriating

6. That doesn’t look dangerous at all. #sarcasm

Attentive father from PeopleBeingJerks

5. They definitely should have shown her face. #shame #shame #shame

Seat hogging! When asked to move she refused 😡 from PeopleBeingJerks

4. Newman is your mailman.

Jerk Mailman from PeopleBeingJerks

3. Makes you wonder what was in that trash can, doesn’t it?

Went to the boys bathroom during lunch, and i saw this in the stalls from mildlyinfuriating

2. Spread his shame.

This dude from mildlyinfuriating

1. I’m shocked no one took out this car, Seinfeld style.

Maybe they can’t read… from PeopleBeingJerks

I’m secondhand annoyed for their partners but also kind of laughing because I don’t live with them?

It’s complicated.

Would these antics amuse you? Bug you? Would it depend on your mood?

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