You know that feeling when you’re pretty sure you can game the system, but then you get busted and realize that people (ie: your parents) are nowhere near as dumb as you thought they were?

These 11 lovely kids are having that experience for maybe the first (but probably not the last) time, and it’s just as gloriously awkward as you’d think.

11. You have to eat the evidence, kid!

That was really dumb, kid!

10. This kid is my hero.

That is pure genius. Future leader of the world.

9. Score one for Wonder Woman!

YESSSS!!!! She killed it!

8. Get rid of the evidence.

Or just hide it better. Either or.

7. This child is a monster.

But that’s a solid prank.

6. Happy Birthday?

More like messy birthday!

5. At least he TRIED.

The tape WAS considerate, at least.

4. Oh my goodness, bless his heart.

That’s the sweetest!

3. It totally looks like it belongs there. Ha!

This kid knows what’s up!

2. That’s some dedication right there.

How long did that take?!?

1. I have a lot of questions.

You don’t CLEAN them in there do you?

Ah, I do not miss being a kid most of the time! Send me back to college, sure, but not any earlier.

Do you remember the first time you realized you weren’t as smart as you thought? Or you thought that maybe there were others who were much, much, much smarter than you?

If it’s a good story, tell us about it in the comments. Or don’t! See if we care.