Kids have absolutely no trouble telling adults exactly what they think. When they’re young, it’s because they honestly don’t know how to be anything but honest, and when they’re older, it’s because they truly believe they’re never gonna turn into us.

Ah, confidence. You gotta love it.

These 14 kids came with burns so sick the recipients may never recover.

14. Observant, aren’t they?

When I was 4-5 years old I was sitting in my step mom’s lap in the car (good ole 90’s when car safety was less of a concern) and I was slapping her leg, uncovered because of her shorts. I said, “it ripples like a pool!”…I did not realize until I was older why she was so offended.

13. What a sweetheart.

My sister looked at me and said, “you look like you’re pregnant, but you’re not”

12. That kid is a legend.

Standing behind a lady with her son about 5-6 years old. It was Christmas time and mother told kid to stop acting up or Santa wasn’t coming this year.

Kid: “F*ck Santa Claus. I’m sick if hearing about that son of a bi*ch.”

I f*cking lost it..

11. Yeah better let that one go.

mommy should dress like for halloween? A princess?”. The kid smiled: “She’s waaay too ugly for a princess! Mommy should be a witch!”

We kept quiet for the rest of the day. Mommy never knew.

10. Is it true? Or?

My sister who is 10 walked up to me yesterday- looked my dead in the eye and said “Jessie- you’re a whore”. Completely outta nowhere.

9. Absolutely no shame.

I have the same name as a Disney princess. One time, when I was working as a waitress, a little girl read my nametag and exclaimed, “Wow! My name, just like the princess! Except princesses are beautiful, and you definitely aren’t.”

Shit’s brutal, man.

8. Kid knows how it’s done.

In a busy store, kid maybe 4 years old getting ignored.

“Dad. Dad. Dad. Daddy. Dad. Daddy. DADDY. DADDY. DAD. DADA! DADDY! DADDY! DADA! DAD! DAD!”

5 seconds later a great shout comes out this kid.


That got dad’s attention, he jumped 3 inches.

7. Wonder where he’d heard that?

Our friend son, said “do you know that my dad can not satisfy my mother ” his father wished to disappear at that moment.

6. They tell it like it is.

was chilling at a wedding, the bridesmaids were sitting there with the 5 year old flower girl. one of the bridesmaids said she wished she would be the next to get married and the flower girl said “no becky you are too ugly to get married”. i burst out laughing.

5. That is awful. And hilarious.

Someone in the family was pregnant, and my nieces were putting together the facts related to baby making at the time. A light bulb went off and they noted ‘oh, so that means so and so had s*x.’ Then, another light bulb went off and they said to their mom “oh, so that means that you and dad have had s*x too!”

They seemed skeptical, and when further questioned, said “Dad just doesn’t seem like the type of person that would have s*x.”

4. Not wrong.

My 6 year old cousin, 4 at the time, told me “you wear pajamas in the day because you’re a disaster.”

3. Wrecked.

A group of adults were talking extremely loud about how stupid certain people were, and that includes young kids. One of the person’s kid said “At least I know I’m dumb.” I think of that kid to this day.

2. Omg as a mother I would die.

My little sister.. maybe 4 yrs old tops in the elevator at my grandparents retirement home. Little old lady gets off the elevator and looks back at sis; “Bye bye sweet heart”. Sis, “Bye bye scum bucket”. Elevator door closes.

1. The ol’ one-two.

My 4 year old daughter told me at dinner not to long ago: You look nice! You don’t look like yourself! Well thanks, I guess…..

I don’t know whether or not I would be laughing as hard if these had been said to me, but there you go.

Have you ever been savagely burned by a kid? If so, please tell us what they said in the comments!