Kids ask questions. Like, a million questions, all day long until an hour after they were supposed to go to bed. Sometimes they ask the same exact questions multiple times as they try to process the answer.

And sometimes they ask questions that take a surprising, sometimes embarrassing, but always hilarious turn.

These 14 kids had those kind of questions, and I promise every single person who has kids has a story like this tucked away somewhere in their traumatized mind.

14. They don’t need to know that anyway.

Plus it will be funny when they tell their teacher.

13. The funniest things blow their minds.

We just take it all for granted.

12. He’s going to thwart your dad jokes.

As soon as he buys himself a watch.

11. Their little minds are very literal.

That’s not a bad thing, but it does cause trouble sometimes.

10. They know just how to cut you.

And yes, they’re definitely doing it on purpose.

9. Does the parent really not know, though?

I bet Alexa knows.

8. You have to say “probably” to that.

Mostly because we don’t know the actual answer.

7. That’s sweet, honey.

You’re going to die though.

6. This is how you “dad.”

And end up having to pay for therapy.

5. Well, their parenting job is done.

This is going to be my kids, too.

4. Idk why this is so funny.

But I’m about to pee my pants

3. Well that just got awkward.

I’m laughing so hard but that kid is traumatized.

2. At least that chat is out of the way.

Better early than never.

1. I mean, it makes sense.

That child is going to be a comedian because that is quite an observation.

I just know this day is coming for me! So far, my kid has just cursed around his grandparents a couple of times.

What’s the weirdest, funniest, or most embarrassing thing your kid has ever asked you in public? Confess in the comments!