We all tend to think of our bedrooms as these private spaces that no one ever enters uninvited, but that’s just not true, is it? Our kids, our parents, our in-laws, EMTs if there’s an emergency, your neighbor or your friend if you forget something that needs getting – there’s really no telling on any given day who might be in your space.

That goes double for teenagers, who expect privacy but sometimes forget they are still living under someone else’s roof – which is the recipe for disaster that made most of these stories come true.

14. I mean…what would you say?

I’m not the parent, but I know someone that went into their son’s (17) room and stumbled across a ball gag, handcuffs, spiked collar w/ leash, and riding crop.

He did have a gf at the time. The parent never mentioned it to either of them.

13. I have some questions of my own.

An entire nightstand drawer full of used feminine hygiene products.

I wanted to ask why, but I felt like any conceivable answer would just beckon more questions.

12. Kids are so, so weird.

One day I decided to tackle the disaster that was my 9 year old son’s bedroom. It was impressive, how much crap he had on his floor, and as a one time 9 year old boy myself I had to give him props.

Then I found, tucked away in his bookshelf a ziploc bag filled with plastic sporks, an entire school year’s worth from the cafeteria. There were hundreds of them, all packed into this gallon sized bag. I stared at them for a long time, put them back where I found them and decided he should clean his own room more often.

I missed confess, I talked to him a couple weeks later, after finding one in his coat pocket. I told him it probably wasn’t sanitary to have laying around. I let my gaze linger on him for an extra second and his expression changed.

“Well, I guess I need a new hobby,” he said. I bought him a rock collection starter kit the next day.

11. She wanted you to know she knows.

I’m the kid, but once my girlfriend accidentally left her undies under my bed.

Every so often when I’m away for an amount of time my mum will clean up my room and do some washing.

When I got back one time, I found her undies washed with mine and left for me to put away in my room. She’s never mentioned it to me.

10. What are sisters for?

My mom was staring perplexed by my little brother’s homemade weed pipe, that she had found in his sock drawer, just as I was walking by.

Doing a double-take, I stopped and she asked me “What do you think this is?”

Me: “A kazoo – that’s his kazoo” Mom: “Oh, okay’

I then had a little chat with my 14 year old brother about drugs and told him to hide his “kazoo” a little better.

9. Never leave a worried mum alone.

When my late husband was 21, and we’d been dating for a year, he had an MRI for something concerning, and then went back to work … leaving his worried-about-his-MRI mom from up north (who was just there for his medical stuff) in his apartment alone with nothing to do. So she cleaned. A lot.

When he came home his normally messy room was spotless. His bed was freshly made with the Bible he’d gotten at his church confirmation atop the pillow, and on top of that, a condom wrapper that must have made its way under the bed in our haste. In his closet, his once-hidden Playboy Cheerleaders VHS tape was now quite prominently displayed on a shelf.

She never said a word to him about anything. She shot dagger eyes at me next time she saw me though.

8. Great punchline.

Opposite end of the “siblings watching out for the other”:

I was 22, my brother was 11. My mom had just vaguely discovered the joys of “spying” by “checking the history” on Netscape or Firefox or whatever we had at the time.

She came to me concerned about my brother, saying he’s going to a lot of hot erotic pages, and she doesn’t know how to talk to him about it, whether or not she should. I though, hey good for him, I lived in Germany when I was his age, and erotic films would be common on afternoon TV so it was never very taboo for me, but my mom never realized.

Still, not a conversation I wanted to have with my brother, so I asked my mom what the site he was spending so much time on was.

The answer: www.hotmail.com

7. This is all just hilarious.

I was around 14 and ordered a book online about sex back when they just sent you anything if you promised you were over 18 and would pay for it later. (1996 IIRC)

This was no regular book, it was nearly 500 pages, a leatherbound holy grail of sex.

My father or mother found it one day under my bed and I thought I would be in so much trouble, but they never said anything.

A few weeks later, I go looking for it and under their bed, I find my book, a printed out copy of the anarchist cookbook, and a VHS of “Heavy Metal”. I took it all and nothing has even been said about it to this day.

One of them found the VHS, and I am pretty sure it was my mom, thinking it was mine, due to the looks of disappointment shortly thereafter I was getting.

6. Why would you?

I saw a charging cord going into a drawer in my parent’s room.

I opened the drawer and saw that it was plugged into a vibrator.

Never mentioned it.

5. That day comes for all of us.

In high school my mom decided to clean my room as a nice gesture

She found my vibrator under my pillow

I got a text “guess you’re too old for me to surprise with cleaning your room”

4. That’s one close family.

Not a parent, and not a bedroom, but my parents and I keep finding my brother’s pocket pussy on the edge of the tub because the moron keeps forgetting to bring it back to his room. Every time I see it I turn around and walk out, someone else can deal with that.

However, to my horror, my parents have BOTH on separate occasions picked it up with their bare hands to bring it back to his room AND I SAW MY MOM SQUISHING IT (with disgust in her eyes) ONE TIME. I’m pretty sure no one has had the heart to talk to my brother about it though.

3. Talk about a missed opportunity.

I was laying peel&stick tiles in our bathroom, and found a couple of mild nudie mags hidden under the big package of tp.

At about that time, youngest Son came home and was a bit panicked, but never said anything at the time.

I made sure to place the magazines back when I was done tiling.

I showed them to my Wife, and joked that I should have substituted “Granny Gang Bangs” or similar.

I still regret not doing it.

2. This hurts my mama heart.

I wasn’t snooping, I was helping him organize all his collections of stuff when he was in high school. I came across an old metal cookie tin filled with paper scraps. He’d apparently torn off every “good job” and “nice work” comment he’s ever gotten from his teachers, as well as all of the Happy Birthday, and Love yous from all his cards.

I realized how important those tangible affirmations are to him, so I’ve made it a point over the last 15+ years to write things down in addition to telling him.

He’s got pretty severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and I’d like to think that if I’m not with him, one of those little pieces of paper might help him get through whatever he’s dealing with.

1. I’m afraid of her.

My grandma found a dildo I didn’t like, brought it upstairs to show my mom and laugh, and then suggested she regift it to me in front of my whole family on Christmas morning.

My grandma is savage AF and I’m lucky to have a sliver of her humor.

I am cringing, y’all! Argh!

If something like this has happened to you, lay the story on us in the comments!