Anyone who has siblings knows for sure that they are not the same person they would have been without those younger or older family members – for better or worse, they’re yours for life.

If you’re feeling warm and nostalgic about growing up with brothers and/or sisters, these posts are going to make you smile.

13. Or they want something.

It’s probably the second thing, let’s be honest.

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12. And they don’t mind doing it.

On a regular basis.

11. I’m sorry, people need a reason?

I’m just saying.

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10. You know how to split things jussst so.

Heaven help you if it’s not exactly even.

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9. You were just looking for an excuse for banishment.

There’s no way it was going to take long.

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8. No one is going to rip you off.

You’re an expert at looking closely.

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7. You don’t want to be too trusting a person.

They’re just preparing you for life.

6. And you know to always have a tape measure handy.

You never know when you’re going to need it.

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5. They weren’t actually going to hurt you.

Probably. Maybe.

4. You might as well get used to it.

That branch is what you’ve got to work with, younger sib.

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3. Says the sibling wielding the knife.

Hindsight could change opinions, I suppose.

2. That’s standard fare.

I’m not sure it even phases you the first time.

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1. They’re also not touching you.

But they’re definitely breathing as loudly as possible.

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Ah, sibs. There’s good, bad, and ugly but we wouldn’t trade them!

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