There’s nothing quite like scrolling parenting memes to make you feel more normal and less alone – and let’s face it, on any given day, those are two things you really, really need to feel.

If you haven’t had your daily parent pick-me-up, we’re offering these 14 totally relatable memes just for you!

14. There’s no smell like it.

I am not looking forward to the next time it hits my nose.

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13. It really does feel like an accomplishment.

Even though you didn’t technically do anything.

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12. Both are valid.

One is more fun, though.

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11. Those nutjobs.

Toddlers are insane.

10. We all love our kids.


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9. Not that they leave you alone in there, either.

But you can pretend it’s your time.

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8. Not saying it’s you, but…

You can add, right?

7. Why are they like this?

Do they truly not understand a simple command?

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6. It’s not a coffee table.

It’s a toy table.

Image Credit: Dad and Buried

5. You want to be sweet.

It’s just that they’re determined not to let you.

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4. You gotta be scary.

It won’t work otherwise.

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3. Five seconds before you pass out.

If you’re the mom.

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2. They won’t stop until they’ve done it.

Might as well blow your top earlier and get it over with.

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1. That would just not fly.

I’m thinking of making them pee outside all the time.

I could scroll through these lists all day!

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