Kids ask tons of questions. Some of them don’t make sense, some of them we know the answers to, and some of them stump us so hard we can’t even make something up – and that’s what Google (or Alexa) is for, my friends.

You put the work off on the internet, and sometimes, you put the internet to work for you – because being a parent also means you have some pretty bizarre questions of your own.

Here are 14 things that seem crazy to ask…unless you’re a parent, because if you are, you’ve probably asked some of them yourself.

14. Too bad they can’t read.

No way they’re going to just believe you.

13. This is so going to be me.

My brain doesn’t math.

12. The answer is most often no.

Until it’s yes. And you fall asleep too.

11. And doing laundry.

So. Much. Laundry.

10. At least we’re all learning new things.

There are always positives.

9. Maybe we could be getting lazy.

The technology is coming for us all, clearly.

8. I am not excited about this stage of parenting.

It’s much easier when I can fix all of their problems.

7. Writers think the same thing.

A box to check that says “I’m not a murderous creep,” maybe.

6. If he’s so smart he should do his own homework.

I’m just saying.

5. Those first days as a new parent are rough.

You’re scared of so many things you never realized existed before then.

4. I’d say…maybe?

You should definitely disclose something like that.

3. Both answers work.

Mostly because your kids aren’t really listening, anyway.

2. Yes, everything is a competition.

Especially in a marriage.

1. It’s called support, Karen.

And someone to give you wine recommendations.

None of these surprise me, but they do make me laugh.

What question can you not believe you’ve had to ask once becoming a parent? Tell us about it in the comments!