Everyone who is married loves reading people making jokes about marriage, and that’s because if we don’t laugh about all of the hard and annoying and silly things that go along with cohabitation and long-lasting relationships, we’ll all cry.

Or get divorced.

If you’re in need of a funny reminder that life is just the same for everyone, may I submit these 14 tweets for consideration.

14. Yeah you don’t want any part of that.

How are you supposed to entertain yourself at home if your neighbors don’t fight?

13. Gotta keep leveling up!

Otherwise, how will you know you’re adding years to your belt?

12. It’s okay to go to bed, just maybe in a different room.

You have to sleep.

11. Which is good, because otherwise he’d just flip channels until forever.

Or you’d have to watching something like Wicked Tuna.

10. The d*ck jokes really never stop.

Would you really want them to? (Don’t answer that).

9. Are these grounds for divorce?

Definitely go to therapy, though.

8. It’s important to know these things going in.

It’s not all bad though, right?

7. Trust me, she knows, too.

Sweaty sheets are the worst.

6. You’re never gonna get the response you were hoping for.

Sorry not sorry.

5. Routines are hard to break.

I’m sure he missed his butt pat, too.

4. I mean, at least.

Maybe it will be something good but probably not.

3. And they say men are clueless.

He definitely needs to buy that birthday cake.

2. She still has to look at you, though.

I’m just saying.

1. Did he say it to an adult or to a child?

It makes a difference, I think.

This is just what I needed today!

Well, this and coffee.

Tell us which one was your favorite in the comments!