Life is all about ups and downs, and anyone who lives a good long while will tell you for sure there are plenty of both. And even if you’re dreaming of perfect days and weeks and years while pregnant with your first amazing baby, here’s the truth: that applies to parenting, too.

It’s one big, long ride, and honestly, would a rollercoaster even be fun if you didn’t occasionally plunge screaming into the abyss?

I didn’t think so! And these 14 parents are here to remind you to laugh while you’re shrieking. It’s the only way.

14. It’s the call of the beast.

See also, anything you’re trying to sneak.

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13. It is super annoying when you realize you’re just living with yourself.

And yeah, you’re annoying, too.

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12. It’s how you know someone had a baby I mean.

The internet world is so weird sometimes.

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11. Every single time.

And don’t believe them when they tell you they’re doing “nothing.”

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10. So many things you never imagined you’d have to say out loud.

I’ve honestly lost count.

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9. It will be an awkward conversation.

And no way are they going anywhere. They know they’ve got it good.

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8. Except now this isn’t a lie.

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

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7. This is what the #blessed was really made for.

So we all know it’s tongue-in-cheek, right?

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6. Why did we want a house with stairs, again?

It will be nice when they’re older.

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5. In my house he says “I’m okay!”

Which is not my main concern but he’s cute.

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4. You’ve gotta pick your battles.

Now it’s somebody else’s problem.

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3. Hey, I think I’ve seen that one!

It’s not as good as Hamilton.

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2. That’s gonna be fun to unpack one day.

Just get them a good therapist. It’ll be fine.

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1. They really are a mystery, right?

A disgusting, frustrating mystery.

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I think these people are hilarious and also I need more parent friends!

What’s your favorite way to remind yourself that every day ends eventually? Share your tips for getting through the tunnels in the comments!