This was a tough list to put together. For one, parenting creates some seriously hilarious situations. For another, the short form comedy inherent to Twitter’s 140 characters makes those hilarious situations play even better.

But, for y’all, I tried. And here we go.

#15. When you wonder how they could both have the same combination of genetic material.

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#14. Never assume.

#13. And they know it.

#12. We all need to watch out for this kid.

#11. Practical applications are important for motivation. Right?

#10. When raising teens, remember who has the real power.

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#9. I mean. She’s probably not that far off.

#8. It happens to the best of us, kid.

#7. Turnabout is fair play.

#6. I see law school in this kid’s future.

#5. You gotta find a way to get him back for that one.

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#4. *mic drop*

#3. They are very specially adapted.

#2. It’s probably the best reason out there.

#1. This guy is raising his daughters right. So. Right.

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h/t: Bored Panda