15 of the Best Tweets About Marriage From 2017

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Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togever today.

At least in the sense that everyone who is or has ever been married understands that certain things are universal truths…if you’re not able to laugh at yourself, your partner, the current state of affairs, or all of the above, then you’re not going to last long.

So, in the spirit of lasting marriages, check out these 15 pretty damn funny tweets about the whole glorious mess.

15. Subtle warfare

Photo Credit: Twitter,deegeemindi

14. Don’t look away

Photo Credit: Twitter,Lhlodder

13. Sounds about right

Photo Credit: Twitter,iwearaonesie

12. Et al.

Photo Credit: Twitter,_wendyb07

11. You have to know how to get your spouse’s attention

Photo Credit: Twitter,murrman5

10. Why don’t they get this??

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

9. Relatable

Photo Credit: Twitter,EricaWhoToYou


7. Bliss

Photo Credit: Twitter,Parkerlawyer

6. Men and hints do not mix

Photo Credit: Twitter,yenniwhite

5. A true picture of character

4. *dies*

Photo Credit: Twitter,simoncholland

3. You know you’ve met your match when…

2. I mean…it’s okay

Photo Credit: Twitter,dumbbeezie

1. It’s important to have a sense of humor

h/t: Huffington Post