We do a lot of articles about funny tweets that deal with all kinds of different subjects: love, family, dogs, cats, holidays, etc.

But here’s an article full of funny tweets about TWITTER. How genius is that? Because you know you use it all the time…and it’s just meta to joke about the way you make jokes.

So meta.

Enjoy, tweeters!

1. Quite the role reversal.

2. That’s a great question…

3. Very, very true.

4. A very painful experience.

5. That’s how the cycle works.

6. You showed them!

7. Don’t care anymore.

8. Slowly fading away…

9. A lot going on there.

10. Which side are you on?

11. No one can ignore me here!

12. My trash bretheren [sic].

13. I’m not sure which is the better option.

14. Do whatever you want.

15. That didn’t take long.

Tweeters making of fun of Twitter on Twitter…

Mind = Blown.