15 Funny Tweets About Aging That Are Painful But True

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Aging is a rough gig, y’all, but since the alternative is death, why not laugh about it instead of lamenting every ache and pain?

And if you’re a mom, sure, you might pee your pants a little when you laugh, but that’s all part of your charm now.

#15. Barely

#14. You haven’t lived until…

Photo Credit: Twitter,TheIronSherk

#13. The heartburn is real

Photo Credit: Twitter,ValeeGrrl

#12. Sad realities

Photo Credit: Twitter,ScaryMommy

#11. Truth bomb

Photo Credit: Twitter,FuckabillyRex

#10. The kids are fine. We…are not.

Photo Credit: Twitter,batkaren

#9. And no one wants to try it

Photo Credit: Twitter,ylim333

#8. Seems right

Photo Credit: Twitter,LostFelicia

#7. With the worst ratings ever

Photo Credit: Twitter,thebeckyard

#6. The art of living well, for sure

Photo Credit: Twitter,ndiquote

#5. Girl, same

Photo Credit: Twitter,amydillon

#4. So many naps

#3. Wait, that’s an option?

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#2. Those were good times!

Photo Credit: Twitter,missekay

#1. Americans, right?

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h/t: Scary Mommy