15 Kids Who Are So Over The Wedding


Anyone who’s been to a wedding knows that it’s an ordeal. First off, it’s usually an all day affair, and it’s on a weekend, so you’re losing out on Me Time. On top of that, you’ve got to get all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and endure an interminable ceremony, followed by sweaty dancing in said uncomfortable clothes.

And the hardest part of all of it is you’ve got to pretend like you’re enjoying yourself. I’m pretty sure it’s not OK to stand up in the middle of a couple reading their vows and go, “Yeah yeah, that’s nice and all, but can we speed this up? There’s a roast beef carving station that needs my immediate attention!”

But kids don’t have that burden. They don’t have to pretend like they’re having the most fun in their entire life. Lucky them. I bet it makes enduring a wedding a LOT easier.

1. “This is the last time I flower girl. For anyone.”

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2. If you got it, flaunt it.

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3. Not even a suitcase full of toys could get him through it.

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4. “I’m gonna need four children’s aspirin and the biggest juice box you’ve got.”

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5. A royal pain in the neck.

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6. The beginning of the day vs. the end.

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7. The Wedding Crasher

8. “That’s it! I’m never getting married!”

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9. Just a few hundred more pictures to go, kiddo.

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10. No bed? No problem.

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11. “We got a runner!”

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12. “Don’t mind me.”

13. Wedding cake claims another victim.

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14. Weddings are a great time to work on your ghost impression.

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15. And finally, someone really should have remembered to bring a snack.

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