One of the best things about being married is knowing someone so well that you can predict their next move, or how they’re going to react to any particular situation.

It can also be the worst thing, if the way they’re going to react or the next move they’re going to make is going to drive you absolutely insane – which is exactly what’s going on with these 15 spouses, who are not about to stop having the same argument over and over.

Good times, right? But hey, at least it’s not you!

15. We all have our crosses to bear.

Some are more annoying than others.

14. Picking up and cleaning are not the same thing.

This was my mother’s mantra for years.

Image Credit: Ruin My Week

13. She could revoke his family shopping privileges.

But I’m thinking that might be exactly what he wants.

12. I mean it does something.

But it doesn’t do everything.

Image Credit: Ruin My Week

11. Works better how? To remove skin?

I have many questions.

10. This actually doesn’t make any sense.

Unless you have a really clean floor, I suppose.

9. Is this a man thing?

Because I definitely don’t understand it.

8. I bet he says you’re just hard of hearing.

Ask me how I know.

7. I thought I was alone in this battle.

It’s like he doesn’t even hear that dinging.

6. I mean we can’t all be etiquette experts.

Not to take sides or anything.

5. Well that’s one way to solve things.

Whatever works, when it comes to marriage.

4. And I bet he was surprised every single time.

How can he be expected to remember HER schedule?

3. You’d think that one incident would have taught him a lesson.

Sadly, I think we all know that’s not how it works.

2. That’s just laziness.

He’s afraid she’ll ask him to buy more.

1. Well, we wouldn’t want to be wasteful, would we?

This is just hilarious because it’s so human.

At least it’s not you this time, I should have said, because I’m sure you and the person you live with have your own versions of these good times.

Tell us about one of them in the comments!