There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take photographs to document your changing body and growing family during a pregnancy – people do it all the time, and I’m sure treasure those pictures for decades as they look back on them with the kids who were once on the inside.

But listen…there’s a right and wrong way to do maternity shoots and these are not it.

I don’t even know what these 15 pictures are supposed to be, honestly – look through them and maybe then you can tell me!

15. The naked ones slay me.

Why does the DAD have to be naked, too?

14. These are very different photos.

We’ve all felt like the lady on the left, though.

Image Credit: Sad and Useless

13. Are they trying to terrify people?

Because I’m scared.

12. This is kind of cute.

Weird, but cute.

Image Credit: Sad and Useless

11. I think his is bigger than hers.

Bless his heart.

10. The one on the right is obviously a Halloween costume.

And it’s brilliant.

Image Credit: Sad and Useless

9. What does he hear in there?

Something blossoming, no doubt.

8. I’ve got a gun and a watermelon, and she’s not afraid to use them!

I wonder if the woman on the right giggled like the Pillsbury doughboy.

Image Credit: Sad and Useless

7. Those are some pretty people.

Being pretty silly.

6. Moira Rose’s maternity shoot?

I vote yes.

Image Credit: Sad and Useless

5. This is extremely weird.

I’m not sure…like…what I’m supposed to think.

4. This is legit terrifying.

She’s going to show up on one of those murder shows eventually.

3. Nice sweater hoodie my man.

I dig the matching sunglasses, too!

2. They can be adorable AND awkward.

These pictures are proof.

1. I have a lot of questions.

Mostly about that book. And it’s cover.

My eyeballs literally hurt.

Tell us in the comments about the most questionable maternity picture you’ve ever seen!