15 Mortifying Things Kids Said In Public

Image Credit: Pixabay


Before I had a kid, one of my cousins told me that you never truly know what it means to be embarrassed until you have children. Because they say whatever comes into their head and have no idea/don’t care whether it’s appropriate, offensive, insensitive, or whatever.

And, of course, everyone assumes it’s because they’ve heard you say it before, even if you have no idea where they learned that people with gray hair are old and liable to keel over at any given moment.


So, to make you feel better about your own offsprings’ verbal mishaps, here are 15 doozies submitted by others.

15. *dying*

14. The truth is always okay. Right?

13. As if public toilets weren’t scary enough

12. Kid has a way with words

11. Okay, that is mortifying

10. That’s just sad

9. From the mouths of babes…

8. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time she’d heard that one

7. Queen

6. Thank God he thought it was funny

5. Hey, he needed to know

4. But seriously, where did he hear that?

3. Curiosity is an asset

2. Everyone’s day was made, despite having to see that movie

1. OMG

h/t: Favorite Things