As teenagers, we all received notes from our parents. They were mostly to tell us what to do but occasionally were full of praise, advice, or just little reminders. As parents, we’ve written the same sort of missives to our own children (lunch box notes, anyone?).

These 15 parents are raising the bar on humor, though, and to be honest, well….now I’m thinking the rest of us need to try a bit harder. You only get a few years to leave your kids notes, after all.

15. I won’t be responsible for what happens to a smartass kid

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14. When you’ll do just about anything to get your kid to re-load the toilet paper

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13. It’s the final line that really wins it

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12. Dads are the best

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11. At least someone had a sense of humor about the colonoscopy appointment

10. Meatloaf and pizza

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9. I feel like a different discussion might have been warranted…

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8. Oh, Dad

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7. Daddy is having a DAY

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6. There is literally no better time to pray

5. I dream of the day this will work for me

4. When you think you’re too old for notes but Mom really doesn’t agree

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3. Just a reminder

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2. You gotta speak their language

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1. Because there’s no way to write a note ON your phone, Mom…

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