Parenting tweets are not in short supply. If you’re a parent – or a nonparent who just finds parenting situations hilarious – on Twitter, you probably see halfway decent ones come across your timeline at least a couple of times a day.

These 15 tweets aren’t just halfway decent, though, so if parenting tweets are your think, you definitely don’t want to miss these!

15. If you can convince yourself this means the food is wholesome, so much the better.

My 3yo calls it “Old McDonalds,” as well.

14. They’re all going to be fine.

Who has the time to police everything that goes into a kid’s mouth?

13. Sometimes games are a little too real.

But if you can sleep in jail, or she’ll bring you a snack, go along with it.

12. I think it changed all of us.

Our immune systems are forever altered.

11. Most “tried and true” parenting advice is hogwash.

It’s given by people who have forgotten what it’s like in the trenches.

10. It’s impossible to argue with this brilliance.

I’m definitely going to steal this idea, and you are, too.

9. It will definitely work.

According to Hollywood, sunglasses are all you need to look alive.

8. Tell your pregnant friends so they can avoid the disappointment.

Yes, this law also applies to movies. Maybe moreso.

7. It is a very versatile tune.

That you will never, ever want to hear again at some point in your life.

6. Next she’s going to want to speak to your manager.

That’s your wife, in case you weren’t keeping track.

5. Most likely on purpose.

Toddlers are a$sholes, don’t @ me.

4. You have to really pull out your acting skills.

They can tell if you’re not actually paying attention, I promise.

3. Sweetheart.

S/he would never guess those things were related. Bless.

2. What a world if we could all say that.

Full of sass and mismatched patterns. What could be better?

1. I mean they’re basically always talking to you.

It’s impossible to pay attention ALL the time.

These tweets set a high bar, for sure!

Which one made you laugh the hardest? If you can pick a favorite, share it with us in the comments!