Too much togetherness is not good. I think someone famous said that one time, but if they didn’t, they definitely should have.

Everyone is finding out how true this little fact is as we shelter in place with the people we already lived with (and likely call family), and as we limit our contact with the rest of the world. And sure, there are the tiny annoyances, the big issues, the stir-crazy days – but there have also been good things to come out of reconnecting with the people we love more than anyone else.

I’m not sure whether these 15 revelations can be categorized as good or bad, but either way, these parents were not prepared.

15. Because everyone loves dogs.

“For some reason, my 7-year-old son has to find wherever the dog is chilling in the house and make sure he’s in the background of all of his Zoom meetings and homework photos.”


14. And so it begins.

“I learned that when my 6-year-old goes to the bathroom, he says ‘Penis power!’ in a low, raspy voice.”


13. What could possibly be more entertaining than that?

“I’ve learned all the things my kids think their farts smell like.

So that’s neat.”


12. That’s what’s known as a “phone voice.”

“My 10-year-old speaks in a deeper voice when he’s talking to his classmates.

I’d never heard this voice before, until he was in a class Zoom session!”


11. Is he studying to be a psychiatrist, or just studying…?

“I’ve learned that apparently my son loves watching Dr. Phil.

He says the episodes with the out-of-control kids are the best.”


10. I’d be so proud!

“I learned that my preschool-age daughter swears to herself when she gets frustrated and thinks no one is listening.

I haven’t said anything because obviously she knows not to do it in front of people, LOL.”


9. He needs to improve his sneaking skills. Or not.

“Last night, I witnessed my 5-year-old sneak downstairs, rip open a pack of fruit snacks, shove them all in his mouth, then just go back to bed. I wasn’t even mad!”


8. I am unsurprised.

“I bought my son a microscope for science class — and I learned that the first thing he magnified was his ‘tiny swimmers.’


7. That’s when Mom needs to lay down the law.

“I discovered that the number of days my boys will go without a shower is infinite, and that no matter how bad it is, they seem to be immune to their — and each other’s — bodily odors.”


6. Get that boy some milk!

“I discovered that my teenage son mixes WATER into his eggs before scrambling them.

I was hollering!”


5. Well that’s not equal parts annoying and disturbing!

“I learned that whenever my little brother gets bored, he’ll just start following someone around.

If you ask him to stop, he does — but then he immediately starts following you again two minutes later!”


4. Whatever gets you going, I guess!

“I learned that my 4-year-old cousin — who I’m babysitting because his parents are essential workers — sings ‘Jingle Bells’ every time he urinates. Every time.”


3. That’s basically just milk. Still yummy!

“My teenagers don’t like hot chocolate — you know — hot.

They drink it freezing cold!

I learned this when my daughter gave me ‘hot chocolate’ during a Zoom meeting.”


2. Gotta stay active!

“My brother is an essential worker, so I’ve been taking care of my nephew.

Well, I found out that he is a little exercise guru! He stops periodically while doing his homework to do situps, pushups, and jumping jacks!”


1. That’s probably how old he thinks you are, fyi.

“All day, my 4-year-old son kept saying he didn’t feel good.

So at bedtime, I asked him how he was feeling, and he said, ‘Ugh! Like I’m 63!‘”


These are cracking me up! Part of me loves having little kids but part of me can’t wait for them to get older and start amusing me in different ways.

What’s the funniest/most shocking thing you’ve learned about your kids lately? Please share it with us in the comments!