There are many downsides about the internet. When it comes to parenting, one of the big ones is the shaming that goes on, now that strangers are privy to our decisions, but there’s a big upside, too – we know for sure that we’re not alone in the craziness.

These 15 parents know exactly what you’re going through today, or went through yesterday, or will go through tomorrow, because they’re going through it too – so you’re gonna love reading about other people’s problems for a change!

15. Or any musical instrument, really.

Aunts the world over have already learned this trick.

14. “We’re still hopeful!”

“Just kidding. Sort of.”

13. The 1980s are history now.

I’m sorry to be the one to inform you.

12. Having all of those arms would be helpful.

I’m just saying.

11. That is not a battle worth fighting.

As long as they’re not going to die of hypothermia. Probably.

10. Recently, it’s probably been a lot.

We all need a little kindness.

9. She’s gonna need a bigger bottle.

And probably a second one, too.

8. They think they invented blaming technology.

But we grew up in a time when technology actually failed on occasion.

7. Just brush your teeth.

The socks are your business, son.

6. Eh, not worth arguing.

Then it will just turn into a longer conversation.

5. Or a dog.

Heaven help you if you have both.

4. I think this just means you did your job.

Still sucks, though.

3. I mean grownups treat this like news, too.

To be fair.

2. This kid is going places.

Those kinds of instincts can’t be taught.

1. Seriously, how did this become a saying?

Maybe some babies sleep, idk.

It makes me feel good knowing I’m not in this alone, you know?

What’s your favorite thing about parenting in the age of the internet? Share it with us in the comments!