What if you time traveled into the past and got stuck? You had no choice but to live those years over again – or live those years for the first time, if you’re young enough to have missed out the first time around?

The answers to this question range from the serious and melancholy to the bold and industrious and honestly, I’m not sure there’s a wrong one.

If you’re looking for inspiration (or nostalgia), these 15 people have made their decisions.

15. You can still go to jail, though.

Crime spree, bitches!

These stores have no cameras, or the resolution is like 30p.

14. You’d be like Nostradamus.

imagine trying to explain the smartphone in your pocket. The camera and digital editing software alone, heaven forbid they open the thing and see the hardware.

So basically they’d get all of it, just not how it was miniaturized and developed. Same with the software—it’s understandable, but not how it got to that point. They would probably assume you’re some sort of spy or something, because what other explanation is there?

13. Talk to your younger self.

I’d find 16 year old me. Tell him the things I wish I knew then (and a few stock tips). He might not live to 52 (my age), but he will have a hell of a good time.

Personally, I would indulge in every hedonistic pursuit I could afford with my vast stock market gains

12. The real fun.

Everyone is going on about buying stocks.

I’d do that on the side. But the real fun will be in becoming a prophet, start a religion, fake my death in 2021. Cherry on top will be a prophecy about a truly cataclysmic event taking place in 2024. Something about dark matter blackholes and aliens.

I figure 35 year of fairly accurate predictions will have people take that one seriously 🙂

11. That’s a new one.

Go to Japan and try to act like I have invented every ridiculous 90s fad toy that rolls out over the next 2 decades.

10. A noble purpose.

First thing: I’m getting a perm. Then I’m going to teach women the glories of moisturizer and skincare and start a beauty empire.

9. That’s a pastime.

This exact scenario is why I have memorized the Powerball numbers for the first drawing in January for every year since its inception.

8. That statement didn’t age well.

Buy stocks on Starbucks.

I actually saw a talk from an investor in Seattle, who declined to invest in like 1980-something. “Who would pay 1.50 for a coffee?”

7. Make people happy!

Buy as many vinyl records as I can and put them in appropriate storage. Maybe also some CDs that are rare these days and fetch good prices. Maybe get some autographs from artists who would later become famous.

Buy a good VCR and record stuff from TV (and later on digitize it) so that 30 years later I can put rare videos on YouTube. No money in it but it makes people happy.

In 1986 go to see The Bangles at the Syria Mosque theater.

All that aside from Apple and Microsoft etc. stock, of course.

6. That would be a moment.

Write the Harry Potter series before JK Rowling, and invest in Apple probably.

Imagine how confused JK would be if she saw it being published and she’s like “it’s literally everything I’ve ever thought, how has he done this?! Is he an actual wizard?!”

5. Gotta make it happen.

final queen concert

get to Live Aid 1985, by hook or crook

4. Make lots of money.

Work as much as possible to generate cash, take as many loans and credit cards as possible. Bet on historic sporting events that I can remember the results of. Wait until just before black Monday and buy as many out of the money puts as possible and close the positions by the end of the day.

Use the profits to buy long term options / warrants on Microsoft waiting for Windows 95. Rinse and repeat with Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Bitcoin, Tesla, Netflix and NVIDIA.

3. I hope it works out for you.

I’d try to save my mom from cancer

I’d go to the airport and relive what it was like to fly pre-9/11

I’d immediately open a brokers account and pump every dime I earn into stock I know is going to skyrocket

I’d bet on the Leicester winning the Premier League

I’d pay someone to beat the shit out of Mark Zuckerberg and destroy his PC when he was in college

2. Might as well have a little fun.

Go to clubs and do some 80s blow.

Ecstasy was legal also.

Pay a $5 cover and get a hit of X.

Good times.

1. Hello, superfan.

Listen to my Favorite Rush album on the day it released.

And then listen to all their other albums that release after that and attend as many concerts as I can.

As for how I’d actually be able to afford that…uh…I’d find a way

This is actually a tough question, I think. You have to decide how seriously you want to take it first.

How would you reply? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!