As our parents get older, it can be frustrating to realize that an information gap can sometimes drive a wedge between generations. What’s worse is how hard it can be to change their minds.

These 15 people are frustrated at the objectively dumb things their parents believe – things they can’t convince them to abandon no matter how hard they try.

15. That’s definitely not a thing.

My dad thinks the stars are not real and that they are actually satellites spying on us.

14. Just make the call, lady!

They will not use their cordless phone in a thunderstorm as the are concerned they may get electrocuted 😂

Any phone call would end because she would turn off and unplug all electrical appliances, put away all metal cutlery (even if we were having dinner) and cover the mirrors. God help you if you were in the bath!

…I have no idea why but this was one of her many, many superstitions.

13. You just feel your brain explode.

Was discussing ideal future homes with my Mom and said I would want solar panels and/or a wind turbine.

She started humming and hawing then said “but would you really want to live under those panels with all the electro-magnetical-radiation stuff just dripping down on you…?”

12. Not as harmless as it seems.

My mom believes in mediums, loves the reality shows following them too. I’ve tried explaining how easy a cold read is to do, and pointed out multiple times lying mediums have had real consequences and she just shrugs it off.

Hate it.

11. It’s not just him.

My father believes that no one likes blondes because he doesn’t like them. It is impossible to convince him. No, he’s not kidding.

This is not the only obvious mistake he is holding on to.

10. She’s not going to be rich someday.

My mom fell to the Nigerian prince email scam.

I think it was around 2 years ago. Luckily back then all the money of the house was flowing through my account since hers had some issues. She didn’t have my credit card (I never give it to her for these reasons, I just pay in her behalf) and she asked me for it.

Asked her what it was for and she said it was for an online friend who needed help. I asked her to show me the conversation, and I was able to stop her before she send him the details.

Showed her some proof of other online poeple receiving similar emails and Google searched it for stories and stuff like that, and showed her some common tricks people often fall to. Could’ve ended very bad lol

9. Why ruin her dreams!

Last year the whole family had to explain to my mom that dragons did not exist and I find it so funny

Listen man, I got fooled by that Discovery Channel mockumentary when I was 12, too

8. They’ll never forget it.

Once a thief always a thief. You see when I was 6 I stole ice team out of the freezer and since then I’m a thief for life.

7. Or this either.

My parents did something kind of like that, but instead of stealing, it was lying.

When I was very little, my dad accused me if something, and then beat me until I told him what he wanted to hear. Then he beat me some more for “lying”.

When my mom got home, he told her I was a liar and because of that, she should never trust me again. She believes she had a religious obligation to obey whatever stupid-a** commands her husband gives her, so she took that to heart.

That led to many more beatings over the years of course. It was roughly a decade before my little sister demonstrated that it was a bulls**t policy and got mom to lighten up.

6. This is awful.

My mother hates my guts because one of my dad’s ex girlfriend told her that daughters are the reincarnation of the father’s lover from another lifetime. She knew my mother was dumb as rocks and would believe s**t like that. So my mother got jealous and made my life hell.

Apparently all my brain cells came from my father instead of my egg donor.

5. Heavy sigh.

5G cell towers spread covid

4. Bless their hearts.

Weed = The same as Meth and Heroin

Alcohol = Perfectly fine to relax after a long day

3. A bit paranoid.

My mom is afraid we can lose our house because I have weed in it.

She’ll go on this whole paranoid rant about how it’s federally illegal so I can still be charged with felonies and they can raid our house and she/my dad could be considered an accessory to drug trafficking…..

I am 25, not a drug dealer, I have a fully remote white collar job and like never leave the house, I have a med card, and I live in a state where rec is legal. Also my mom is a lawyer. They think I’m a drug dealer because I keep my weed stuff in a backpack. That’s it. That’s the only indication.

One time they looked in it and basically interrogated me because I had “felony quantities” of weed, and I had to be selling because no one could smoke that much. I had like an eighth and a half lol. I still remember my dad saying “you have over 5 GRAMS of marijuana?!” like that’s a shocking amount of weed.

Flat out refused to listen when I tried to explain that’s like $60 of weed.

2. It’s still sugar?

My dad and stepmom are gluten free, despite neither of them having celiacs.

They try to justify it with my dad’s diabetes, but gluten free cookies are still cookies Kathy! You’re killing my dad!

1. This kind of hurts me.

That I will have kids one day.

I am in my mid 30s, too ugly to even have an FWB, and my mom still believes one day I will have kids. I grew up around a bunch of kids with neglectful fathers and then as an adult was around single moms who had too much baby daddy drama/deadbeat dads who said they “had kids that didn’t live with them”. That is indeed the main reason I don’t want kids, but I have only hinted at the other big reason: my biggest fear is turning out like them and having a partner that is like my dad, either as a husband or co-parent.

She is from another country/society where people are more well-off and don’t have the same societal issues I grew up with, so she refuses to understand why I, having grown up among people from a lower socioeconomic level than she is used to, identify more with them rather than the upper class she believes herself to be.

This is such a hard question, because the answers are just as frustrating to me secondhand.

What do your parents believe that you wish you could change? Vent with us in the comments!