We all have those things – the ones that our friends love, our internet people can’t stop talking about, and literally we see mentioned everywhere – that we try ourselves and just don’t get.

It can be a pop culture thing, like social media, or a television show or other type of media, but it can be frustrating when it happens, like maybe something is the matter with you.

In general, I encourage people to just let it go and to find something they love instead of crapping on something other people love, but for today, we’re going to let these 15 people sound off on the popular things they can’t stand.

15. If you have kids, you get it.


I’m older with two kids, and they had friends at school who were playing and talking about it so we gave it a try.

Now I’m lv 129 playing as Rick from Rick and Morty shooting lasers and riding around in UFOs.

14. It can be an odd thing, if you’re American.

The Royals.

13. If you have money…

Expensive hobbies. I’m now surrounded by friends and colleagues who sail, go on golf and ski trips, own boats, fly planes, but I grew up without being to afford much so all my hobbies are “free” things.

Hiking and walking are some of my favorite activities. I’ve thought about picking up some new hobbies but it’s hard for me to splurge because I’d rather save and do things that I enjoy and don’t cost as much money.

12. It’s really not that great.

Going to work.

Talking about work to people. Everyone is like “how is work going?” and I would rather talk about anything but work. I want to know what people are interested in and what they did or thought about when they were not working.

11. Ask the youths.

Snapchat. I still haven’t gotten it. What’s wrong with texting?

I like sending pictures of random stuff around. Something like “Look, they got Super Mario gummy bears now” or “Behold the stupid thing the cat is doing”.

If I did that on WhatsApp, people would be annoyed, that I am clogging up their device storage with those random moments. With Snapchat the pjctures will delete themselves once they have seen it and everyone is happy.

10. None of it is real.

Reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians. Like at this point we should know that all reality shows are fake in one way or another.

And second, the Kardashians? Really? Like I understand that they’re all famous, but come on.

9. I’ve never understood this either.

The whole notion of being “car broke.”

I understand in a way, real estate where I live is crazy expensive. You can’t show off what you have by owning a cool house with the white picket fence the way our parent’s generation did. So, you get a “cool” car to show this off. I’ve seriously seen 5-series beemers, Audis, Range Rovers and the like parked in the lot of my crappy apartment parking lot that only offers 1BR and studios.

Why? Who wants to blow the little they have left after paying rent in this area on a car they’re only going to have for a couple years then trade it in for another that they’re essentially going to rent for two more years?

My truck is 20 years old now, but it still continues to be damned reliable and it’s paid for. My insurance payments are $67/month. I’d rather put the payment money towards getting out of student loan and credit card debt right now and get those monkeys off my back.

8. It’s not all bad.

Challenges. Ice bucket, milk crate, whatever.

7. Reality television is super divisive.

American Idol, and other such similar shows.

If I wanted to witness someone being berated for poor performance, I’d call up my father for life advice.

6. He doesn’t want to be friends.

After work employee functions. I see you f*ckers all day, I’m done with you.

I do not want to party with you, team build (the worst), play a sport, drink beers, or whatever else you’re over there planning! I have a family and friends I want to give my time to.

Company Christmas party? Fck that, divide up what you would have spent and give us bonuses. You pay me to do a job not be your fcking friend.

5. It’s exhausting.

Making politics your main personality trait

I’ll admit I got into some political debate, but at no point did I get my panties twisted, and don’t have a whole lot of plans to continue debating you all.

I will say a lot of you got pressed about this comment though, maybe look at yourself and see if this is you.

4. We don’t get the point.

This will get buried, but Funko Pop figures.

The worst is when people keep gifting them to you because they think you’re nerdy and therefore must love them. I have 5 and must have given away another 7. I feel guilty about it but I never wanted the things in the first place!

They just take up space! What’s the point of them!!

3. I guess Reddit is cool though.

TicTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

I get it. I used to try to get into the TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram mindset, and maybe even to try to become an “influencer.” I just couldn’t “get” it.

Eventually, I realized that to be really successful, I needed to be able to convince myself that each of perhaps tens of thousands of people finds my every action, my every thought, interesting – and impossibly important.

At some point, however, you reach a developmental age at which you lose your belief that everyone else finds you endlessly fascinating.

Unfortunately, once you cross that threshold, you can never really go back.

2. Usually in bad taste.

Pranks. Either they’re hurtful or they’re downright fake.

1. Simple reasons.

As woman, wearing makeup everyday. I’m way to lazy and that shit will clog my pores. Plus I want to be able to rub my eye without worrying about destroying my face.

Some of these I totally get, y’all.

We’re leaving our comments open so that you can leave your own popular things that you hate down there!