15 Times Women Had Each Other’s Backs


These days, the Internet functions almost entirely on outrage and snark. But once in a while it’s healthy to highlight the more positive things in life. Today, we’ve got tales of women who went above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow woman out–and in some case, they were total strangers! Get your smiles ready.

1. This would make someone’s whole month!

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Spring Breakers

3. It takes a village.

4. Extreme Catching Up

5. Extreme Direction Giving

6. A true friend will help you pull a scam…

7. …especially in matters of love.

8. Sharing is caring.

9. World’s Best Granddaughter

10. You might have a best friend, but are they collage-worthy?

11. The False Alarm

12. The Makeup Tutorial

13. The Lighting Crew

14. The Splash Zone

15. And finally, I can’t stop smiling about this one.


h/t: Buzzfeed