There might not be one secret to a happy marriage that works for everyone, but there are tried-and-true ways to keep a man happy. One of them, it would seem, is humor.

And if you think I’m wrong, take a look at these 15 wives – they’ve definitely got some pretty good ideas.

15. Why couldn’t he just open the fridge?!

Men are so difficult.

My wife has been waiting for 2 days for me to open fridge. Lol
byu/danspud69 infunny

14. It’s important to celebrate the little things.

Or the big things, as it would happen.

Got my husband some post-vasectomy snacks- amazing how much genital related food you can find!
byu/keeksmarie0987 infunny

13. Someone at Pixar has a sense of humor.

Because otherwise why do Buzz’s hands do that?!

My wife asked me to grab something in the bedroom, this was waiting for me… I chose the right woman
byu/StumbOz infunny

12. That’s definitely a way to get his attention.

Don’t mess with dads and their smoke alarms.

11. Okay now I need to know how to do this.

It’s pretty funny.

It appears my wife personalized our keurig.
byu/xspacemonkey85x infunny

10. You gotta keep the excitement alive.

That’s one way to do it.

I asked the kind lady at the pet shop for a shed tarantula skin, to put amongst the bananas to scare my husband!
byu/onehundredjellyfish infunny

9. Romantic AND funny?

She’s a keeper, man!

Wife made me a pillow.
byu/punkrockpapa infunny

8. That’s a hint, right?

I promise he didn’t get it.

7. Because that takes some effort.

She obviously really loves you. Ha!

My wife and I make banners for each other on birthdays. This was what I woke up to this morning. I love this woman.
byu/supergalactic infunny

6. His face is less than amused.

He’s used to it, his expression says.

My wife decided to dress up as me for Halloween.
by infunny

5. You gotta appreciate a good April Fool’s joke.

I’m sure Aaron did!

My sister’s April Fools’ prank on her husband.
byu/Olikria infunny

4. Oh man this woman is my hero.

I can only assume her husband has a sense of humor.

Not what my husband had in mind when I told him I made a sexy dress
byu/iamlunasol infunny

3. Marry a girl who goes above and beyond.

Even if you regret it sometimes.

My husband bet me I couldn’t shave his foot without him waking up. This is what he woke up to this morning.
byu/Potatoprincessa infunny

2. The end result is the same.

I am going to use this on my kids.

My wife made me a passive aggressive flow chart to use every time I get hungry
byu/biscoff_nutella infunny

1. Just in case you miss her.

And you’d better miss her, man.

So my wife is going away for a few months. This is how she left our bed this morning.
byu/SelfishMentor inpics

I’m going to have to give some of these a try!

What’s your secret to keeping your husband happy? Let’s swap tips in the comments!