If there’s one thing kids are super good at – even when they’re not really trying – it’s knowing every last one of their parents buttons and pushing them right when mom or dad is nearing their breaking point.

It’s almost like they want to watch us flip out and then talk about how crazy we are for “no reason,” right?

And these 16 kids definitely have it down to a science.

16. It’s always those darn sleeves.

Sometimes it’s a sock, though.

15. They can’t all be the smartest crayon in the box.

Hopefully he’s cute. Bless his heart.

14. When you’re so stunned you don’t even know what to say.

Angry will come later.

13. He wants to believe the best of you.

But I mean, he always needs to be sure.

12. Kids are so, so weird.

This one is definitely going to be a comedian one day.


11. This isn’t as annoying as it is adorable, if you ask me.

Hilarious how their minds work, isn’t it?

10. Meanwhile he has never helped fold the actual towel.

I’m guessing, but also I know.

9. This makes sense. A giant tomato is coming!

My 3yo also calls it a tomato siren.

8. One day it’s not going to be that easy.

It might be tomorrow. You never know.

7. At least he’s not old enough to lie well yet.

There will come a day…

6. I had a roommate like that in college.

We never really change, do we.

5. It might actually be better if he was being a smartass.

Because the alternative is not so great.

4. Everyone ends up crying in the end.

That’s potty training, my friends.


That is the absolute worst place to spit a chicken nugget and my kid have spit plenty of them.


2. The one thing that’s definitely going to happen is that you will be woken up.

That one is a given.

1. Sometimes it just needs a rebrand.

Marketing is magic, y’all.

I’m just waiting for the day my kids start to do this on purpose…if they’re not already.

What do your kids do that sends you over the edge? Let’s commiserate in the comments!