Kids really do say the darndest things, but before the internet, we had no way of knowing whether our child was the only devil in town or if it was relatively normal for our young children to make us sleep with one eye open.

Now there are Twitter users like Mikki Kendall (@Karnythia), who encourage their followers to relate the creepiest thing a kid has ever said to them – and get so many replies – so we can all be equally horrified.

It’s only fair, don’t you think?

16. They just seem to…know things.

If only everything they knew was this amazing.

15. This isn’t one of the most overtly horrifying ones.

But man, it definitely sent chills down my spine.

14. Sort of sweet and comforting.

Maybe pick up some sage just in case, though.

13. Wow. That is really something.

I hope they did some research? I need a followup!

12. “His heart is sore, too.”

I’m crying, y’all.

11. Yep, time to go.

But maybe get the name on the mausoleum first, for research?

10. Did she seem sad, or…?

That would have been a long 12 hours.

9. I bet she says that to all the mommies.

But seriously, so many kids who talk about their other lives.

8. Time to do a cleanse.

Or just have a chat with “guy.”

7. He seems too old to say random things.

I would have been asking some followups…once we were out of the woods and around other people.

6. She was the first one to know.

Was she right about the sisters, though?

5. How do you explain that?

I wonder if she told her brother…

4. Time for a trip to the library.

Because I would absolutely need to know and also have you read Wait Till Helen Comes?

3. Maybe she says that to all the girls…

But maybe she doesn’t.

2. Sometimes they just know what they need.

It’s creepy, but also helpful.

1. I love cicadas and this is a great way to describe them.

They sound like summer.

I am legit terrified and am just waiting for the first time my kid says something like this to me.

What would you add to this list? Scare us in the comments!