We’re all feeling our way along this year, between virus precautions, possible vaccines, the world (literally) burning down, and our kids either full or part time distance learning at home.

That latter seems like it might be the thing to break us, to be honest, and these 16 parents speak for all of us – HELP!

16. That honestly hurt you more than it did them, anyway.

Or at least as much.

15. I doubt that was in the lesson plan.

You’ve gotta be flexible, I guess.

14. Remember those posts aren’t real.

Just outside the frame, everything is a disaster.

13. Anything to start the mess well rested.

It probably still didn’t help, though.

11. Anything to fill the time.

Please, just keep them another thirty minutes.

10. This kid is going places.

See what I did there?

9. Spelling is important.

We’re old school around here.

8. Probably not on purpose.

Just a happy coincidence.

7. Lessons that will last a lifetime.

Who says kindergarten is all play?

6. Don’t want to build him up too much.

That won’t work out well for anyone.

5. Kids are my favorite.

Also, you can play Boggle online?

4. He’s not wrong.

Just showing up is enough right now. Remember that.

3. We can learn much from this generation.

Mental health breaks are necessary.

2. Restock at the end of the week.

Alexa will remind you.

1. This made me laugh a lot.

I wonder how long before she listened to them.

I do not envy all of you school-aged parents and your decisions!

I’m sure you do not envy my home full-time with a 4 and 2yo, either, though.