Kids all over believe craziest things, right? I mean, some of them are lies we feed them, like a jolly, fat, toy-delivering man can travel to every house in the world in a single night or some creepy fairy will come and collect your teeth while you sleep.

Others, though, they come up with all on their own, just because kids inherently see the world differently than we do  –  with more wonder, of course, but also with more naivety.

Maybe those are sort of the same thing.

Either way, you’re going to love reading about the dumb things these 16 people believed when they were kids.

16. Just like Peter Pan.

That if I thought about it hard enough I would actually fly.

15. Money has no meaning.

I thought that ATMs just dispensed money on request, rather than being linked to a personal account, and never unferstood why my mum took out small amounts like 10 or 20 quid.

My brother had a full on meltdown outside a KB Toys over this. He kept asking my mom for toys and we had each already gotten one.

Finally she got sick of saying no so she said there’s no more money and we can’t afford anymore toys today. He stomped his feet and shouted “Why are you doing shopping wrong?? You go to the money store (bank/atm) BEFORE we do the shopping. You’re not asking them for enough!”

14. Their little minds are fascinating.

Teacher told us we only had two layers of skin, Dermis and Epidermis. I had a cut on my arm and a skinned elbow.

I worried for weeks about what would happen to me if I wore out both of my layers before I got old.

I used to believe something similar but with blood, that blood didn’t regenerate and every time you bleed you lose blood and that you would eventually run out of it.

13. To be fair, there are two of many states.

I firmly believed there were two Alaskas. No clue why I believed that, I probably overheard something and misunderstood.

I believed it so firmly that when my family flew to Alaska for vacation, when we landed I actually asked if we had landed in the right Alaska.

12. Well that would be gross.

If you flushed a toilet it would cause a wave on the beach.

Thats how wave pools at water parks work

thats why they serve such greasy food

11. This myth was everywhere.

My mother told me blood was blue until it hit the air and then it turned red. Can you see how this could cause problems for an inquisitive child?

I draw blood and grown adults still ask me this. Blood is deep purplish red before it hits the air, so they’re always asking why the blood in the tube is so dark. Veins only appear blue because of how the light reaches them through skin, etc.

10. Well that would be really cool.

Beach themed. I believed I could communicate dolphins to have them make waves for me by making squeaky sounds on my boogie board.

9. Older brothers are the bomb.

I believed that actors actually die when the character they play dies in the movie. I thought that it must somehow be worth the fame or that they were sick.

My older brother explained that the actors were paid lots of money beforehand, and they went out and had a big party and spent all the money the night before they got killed in the movie. This is what big brothers are for.

8. Bless. RIP kitty.

That my pet cat really went to live at grandma’s farm.

7. A win for Mom.

My mom and I would fight over the peach juice left in canned peaches. She told me drinking peach juice would give me more freckles and from then on, the juice was hers.

6. Ugh, brothers.

We raised pigs when I was in elementary school and I had one that I hand raised since it was the runt.

Of course when it got bigger it went to the pig enclosure and one day my dad told me it was going to live on someone else’s farm.

I accepted and asked about the living conditions and was assured it would be fine. Well a couple weeks later we’re eating some delicious bacon and my lovely brother says “we’re eating your pig”.

I had actually believed we sold the pig to a nice sanctuary. Lol

5. You can’t change your mind.

Once I was playing with some toys and my mom was talking on the phone to her friend. I guess they were talking about kids growing up and having families some day because my mom puts her hand over the phone and asked me if I wanted kids some day and if I wanted boys or girls.

I gave it some thought and said that I wanted one boy and one girl. For the longest time after this, I thought that it had been completely decided, like my mom was just on the phone with whoever you call to place an order for kids, and my order had been finalized.

4. Who among us?

“And to the Republic,

For Richard Stands…”

One nation, In the visible.

3. They don’t even know where they buried their own.

If I buried random acorns squirrels would see me and know where to find them in the winter.

2. That’s just polite.

That if I killed a bug, its family would come after me and avenge them.

I apologise to them to make sure they don’t attack me in my sleep.

1. Pretty sure my 3yo also fears this.

That lions, at any moment, could break out of the zoos and terrorise the streets. I had a full on panic attack about it when I was about 8.

I love stories like this. It makes me think back on my own childhood.

What did you believe as a kid that seems totally ridiculous now? Tell us about it in the comments!