When regular men become dads, they go through a transformation that defies words. There’s no manual for fatherhood, no way to really prepare yourself for what’s to come – but it does seem that there’s either a dad whisper network that shares the best dad jokes and passing along the new protocols, or it’s just plain old DNA.

Kind of like how moms all start wearing longer shorts and one piece swimming suits, and never having time to wash their hair.

You’ll rarely meet a dad who doesn’t engage in these 16 behaviors, even though most of them probably have no idea why they’re doing them.

16. My dad insists on giving driving directions even though GPS is a thing.

And he knows I don’t know my directions.


I feel like all dads do this and I have no idea why???? I AM CONFUSION

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15. Reaching their hand back for snacks in the car.

I mean, snacks are involved, so you can kind of see.


All dads have the same brain #fyp #dad #happyeaster #TexansHelpingTexans

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14. John Mulaney is right.

And hilarious, as usual.


This is all Dads… tell me I’m wrong #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #johnmulaney #bestfandom #makeup

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13. It’s because they can’t hear so their phone is always at full volume.

My husband is a dad and he definitely does this.


Bruh why do dads do this #fyp #foryoupage #dads #happyathome #puppycheck

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12. What if there’s traffic you guys?

Twelve hours worth of traffic.


Calling out all white dads rn #foryou

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11. It’s just something they have to say.

We all know it’s just code for ‘get the dog.’


all dads are the same #TheReplay #fyp #midwestern

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10. How does this help them see better?

Someone please explain.


Every Dad ever #dad #dadchallenge #okboomer #fyp #fypchallenge

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9. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more annoying habit in the universe.

Okay, loud chewing.


Why do all dads do this #foryoupage #fyp #relatable

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8. Every dad ever could out-snore a bear.

And they will fall asleep in their recliners at the drop of a hat.


Every dad ever

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7. They just get distracted, I think.

They’re really trying, though!


Why do Dads always overdue everything, like mines been gone for years and theres still no milk #streetlight #nightlight #redlight #greenlight #parents

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6. There’s obviously a secret dad shirt store.

You get the web address when your first child is born.


why does like every dad have a shirt like this but you never see it in stores?#nbafinals #dad #viral

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5. Do they know that cars now tell you when to change your oil?

It’s like they can’t help themselves.


Why do dads do this?🤷🏼‍♂️#fyp #dads #foryou #everydadever #trending #viral

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4. Not until it literally disentigrates.

Otherwise they can’t lecture you on how you spend money on clothes.


why does my dad still have that shirt #fyp #bringitback

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3. When their neighbor gets out any sort of tool.

It’s the most fascinating thing in the world.


Why do dads do this?! #foryoupage #construction #dads #family #goingpro #fyp #promlook #wisconsin

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2. They always act like it’s urgent to them.

Maybe it is; who knows what they’re thinking?


why do all dads just come into ur room to ask random questions #OwnTheCurve #fyp #foryou #hoopsathome #tiktokcovers #cursedimages #trending

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1. This is a mystery that needs to be solved.

I demand answers, dads.


Why do African dads shake their snacks 😂😭

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Does your dad do these things? What does he make of it?

If you’re a dad, we want your take in the comments!