We all love a good family game night, but chances are that, after this sh%tshow of a year, you’ve exhausted the options in your board game cabinet.

If you’re looking for new, different, or even out-of-the-box options, here are 17 games that just might spice things up.

17. Tipsy Tower

Like Jenga, but with booze!

The wooden blocks have drinking game rules on them that will make sure everyone has a great time, even if they lose.

Amazon: $29.95

16. Brilliant or BS?

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#blackartmatters and #blackdesignersmatter Continuing our series on games designed by BIMPOC designers: Discovered this gem yesterday and can’t wait to try it out! It’s basically a party game in which the traditional trivia game meets the card game BS. The videos of game play are hilarious! You have to convince a judge of how you “know” the answer to a trivia question….and they decide if you’re brilliant or full of BS. . . . . #buyblack #supportblackbusinesses #supportsmallbusiness #supportblackownedbusinesses #supportsmallbusinesses #blackfuturesmatter #blacklivesmatter #partygamesforadults #partygames #boardgamesofinstagram #familygametime #familygamesnight #familygametime #blackgamers #blackgamergirl #brilliantorbs #kickstarter #smallbusinesses #smallbusinesssupport #boardgamenights #comedygames #funnygames #cardgamesarecool #makepeoplelaugh #greatgifts #indiegames #ladieswhogame #ladygamedesigners

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This card game keeps you on your toes, questioning your judgment and the intelligence of your friends and family. Each player answers a trivia question, then provides their reasoning to the judge – who gives a “brilliant” card to the person whose spiel they believed.

There are points for the people who bs’d the best and the people who actually got their questions right.

Amazon: $25.99 or Brilliant or BS: $19.99

15. Escape Room: The Game

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🎲Escape Room The Game de @disetgames 🎲 . Una caja con 4 aventuras de escape room independientes y muy divertidas. Como en todos los escape room, tu objetivo será resolver los enigmas que se te planteen para conseguir escapar a tiempo. Además, en este juego encontrarás un cronodecodificador que te servirá para descifrar enigmas, hacer la cuenta atrás de los 60 minutos e introducir las llaves con las claves correctas para avanzar en las historias. Las aventuras a las que te tendrás que enfrentar en esta primera caja de la colección son las siguientes: Prison Break, El templo Azteca, Virus y Cuenta atrás nuclear. Cada aventura tiene un nivel de dificultad entre 2 y 4 estrellas, de modo que puedes empezar por las más fáciles e ir subiendo de nivel. Una cosa muy chula es que las aventuras tienen componentes variados y que los materiales que hay que estropear de algún modo están disponibles en su web para volverlos a descargar y poder volver a jugarlo. Ya se han publicado en español varias expansiones de las que iremos hablando más adelante. . 👱🏼‍♀️Aunque en la caja pone de 3 a 5 jugadores, con 2 también funciona perfecto. . ⏰60 minutos por aventura (como máximo) . #boardgames #boardgamegeek #boardgame #tabletop #games #game #tabletopgames #bgg #juegos #brettspiel #gaming #gamer #juego #juegodemesa #jocsdetaula #spiel #jeux #jeuxdesociete #familia #boardgamer #labsk #family #eurogames #geek #tabletopgame #juegosdemesa #boardgaming #escaperoom #escaperoomthegame #diset

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Bring the fun of an escape room home with a tabletop game that sets up a mystery in your house.

You’ll get three scenarios that are differing levels of difficulty, and this one will keep you busy for awhile!

Amazon: $26.37

14. Bananagrams

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Our favorite way to practice spelling words.

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If you like crossword puzzles or Scrabble, this might be for you – you’ll race other players to create the most words out of your tiles.

Amazon: $14.99

13. Luigi’s Mansion Game

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Number 2 of my top 10 was a tough call. 👻🎮😱 Number 2 Luigis Mansion 👻😱🎮 I went back and forth on this. 😱😱😱😱 At the end of the day, I love the throwbacks and the love put into the game. Its the best in the series for sure and I love the new multiplayer addition. 👻👻👻👻👍👍👍👍 Solid. Gameplay. Great graphics. Fun. 😁👍 🤘😁🤘 🎮 @witch_baby308 @justcath @ninty_fanatic @switch.my.trip @gamesbrickswaxandbeer @nintendeez @flaxgames @switch_dreamer @ortoad @dedeoff_ @straight_up_nintendo @jenniferblala @get_switched_on @happy.yoshii 🎮🎮🎮🎮 #luigismansion #horrorgaming #halloweengaming #nintendoswitch86 #nintendoswitchlite #luigismansiongame #retrogamer #nintendoswitch86 #gamingchallenge #classicgaming #nin10do #onlinegaming #inkmachine #linksawakening #giveaway #octobergaming #fall #cartoongaming #newchallenge #gamergram #ninstagaming #instagamer #gamer #gameon  #fallfashion #ghostbusters

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Luigi finally gets his own game on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s really, really fun.

Amazon: $59.99 or Target: $59.99

12. Kan Jam

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Wat is KanJam? KanJam is een frisbee spel dat in Amerika al veel gespeeld wordt en in korte tijd aan grote populariteit heeft gewonnen in Nederland. Bij KanJam is het doel om de frisbee in een soort ton (“Kan”) te werpen. Het spel wordt gespeeld met 2 tonnen die circa 15 meter uit elkaar staan. Je speelt in teams van twee waarbij je teamgenoot aan de overkant bij de andere “Kan” staat. Waar wordt KanJam gespeeld? KanJam kan altijd en overal gespeeld worden. Op een grasveld of plein in de wijk, op een speelweide, op het strand naar ook op een buitensportaccommodatie is het zeer geschikt. Het spel staat binnen een mum van tijd klaar en je kan dus snel aan de slag. Koop het nu bij Valkema Sport Veendam Kerkstraat 41 #KanJam #Valkema #kerkstraat41

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If you’ve worn out your frisbee but want to stay outside, this game will take things to the next level – glow in the dark version included!

Amazon: $39.99

11. Spontuneous

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: This will probably be our new family favorite by the end of this #StayAtHome order. 🎶 #MusicalFamily #Spontuneous #GameNight #Music #FamilyGameNight #FamilyFun @eczell16

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One player chooses a word and the others have to think of a song with that word in the lyrics – and you have to sing it. Ditch the game board and play with points for longer-lasting fun.

Amazon: $29.99

10. The Floor is Lava

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Mainan Prank The Floor Is Lava . Rp. 126,000 . . The Floor is Lava! merupakan permainan interaktif yang seru yang menggabungkan permainan aktivitas fisik, imajinasi aktif, dan kesenangan yang menarik untuk anak-anak dan orang dewasa. Permainan ini ibaratnya Lava / cairan larva gunung berapi yang meletus sehingga anda tidak boleh menginjak lantai tsb hehe, namun permainan disini merupakan permainan duel dan adu interaktif, dimana pemain harus melangkah sesuai putaran spinner, 25 karpet kaki dan 27 kartu tantangan yang harus dihadapinya. Jamin, seru habis! Isi kemasan: – 1 papan putar / spinner – 1 instruksi permainan – 25 pcs color foam (karpet injakan warna) – 27 kartu tantangan permainan Permainan ini membuat anak lebih aktif dan bisa memikirkan strategi yang pas karena membuat anak-anak melompat, menentukan langkah tetap dalam permainan yang seru dan mengasikkan. . #thefloorislava #mainanthefloorislava #thefloorislavagame #lavagame #lavafloor #floorlava #mainanfloorislava #mainanprank #mainanchallenge #mainantantangan #mainanmurah #mainananak #kadoanak #kadoultah #kadoanakmurah #kadoanakultah #kadounik #kadospesial #kadoulangtahun #mainanspesial #hadiahunik #hadiahultah #kadonatal #hadiahnatal #tukarkado #kadonatalmurah #kadonatalunik

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If you’re like my family, you’re loving the new Netflix show by the same name.

Here, you spin the color wheel and jump to coordinating “safety stones” to avoid falling in the lava. Hours of active fun!

Amazon: $16.97

9. Rhyme Antics

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Chantel Calloway is making #blackhistory 🙌🏾👊🏾✊🏾She has been declared the 1st black female board game inventor according to the US patent office ❗️Follow her @lil_misscalloway . #creators #inventors #blackinventors #fortheculture #lilmisscalloway #partygames #rhymeantics #wordgames #bars #hiphop #vocabularygame #goodtimes #familygamenight #classroomgames #hiphopedu

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If you’re a word nerd, you’re going to love this – you come with with words that rhyme with a main word on each card while a timer ticks away.

You’ll get points for rapping each word that’s on the list.

Amazon: $23.85

8. Loteria

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My Friday night is set! #jumboloteria

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This is basically Spanish-language bingo, so you can have fun and learn something at the same time. Play for money or fun, and once you’ve mastered it, check out their COVID version, too.

Amazon: $11.96

7. Black Card Revoked

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The cards hold Black culture-centric questions that should spark some fun conversations.

Amazon: $15.97

Target: $15.99

6. Giant Connect Four

It’s made of wood and sturdy, and your kids will think the giant board is fun!

Amazon: $62.75

5. Foosball

If you’ve seen Friends, chances are you’ve always wanted to splurge. What better time, I ask you?!

Amazon: $104.99

4. Inflatable Bowling

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It’s a strike with giant inflatable bowling! 🎳 📸: @hearthsong • • • #jackandjillmtl #hearthsong #hearthsongtoys #bowling #giantbowling #giantbowlingpin #inflatablebowling #giantinflatablebowling #luckystrike #bowlingball #inflatablebowlingset #backyardfun #backyardgames #backyardliving #staycation #staycation2020 #montrealbackyard #mtlsummer #summerinmontreal #montrealkids

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Your kids can work on their bowling skills without tearing up your house or staring at a screen – or you could kick them into the backyard with the whole thing!

Amazon: $29.99

3. Buzzed

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Whoever made this card sucks! . . . #buzzed #buzzedcardgame #drinkinggames @buzzedgame @whatdoyoumeme #buzzeddrinkinggame

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If your crew is all adults, this card game will make sure fun is had by all.

Amazon: $19.99

2. Bucketball

Do you remember Bozo the Clown and his bucket toss game?

I do, and I also love beer pong, so I definitely need this! It comes with two inflatable racks, two hybrid balls, two bucket pong balls, two tailgate balls, a tote bag, and instructions – you can even use it in your pool!

Amazon: $59.99

1. Scrabble

It’s a classic for a reason, and listen, we’ve all got some extra time on our hands these days!

Amazon: $42.99

Definitely going to give a few of these a shot!

Which one (or more) are you going to try with your friends or family? Fess up in the comments!