Dad jokes have a reputation for being terrible and unpalatable and really, only funny to other men who have helped make babies.

I personally don’t think that’s entirely fair (don’t tell my dad, though, I don’t want to encourage him), and these 17 dad jokes are going to prove me right.

Just go on and see if you don’t at least snort at most of them. I’ll wait.

17. A science joke AND a dad joke ARGH.

This combination is the pinnacle of the dad joke.

Why can’t you trust atoms?
byu/wihafizz inJokes

16. Yes. Yes, you will.

This one honestly never gets old.

15. That response, though. Woof.

It’s like he just couldn’t help himself.

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14. Hopefully, some that was yummy enough to drink to get you through this joke.

You’re going to need a lot of it.

13. I mean use your eyeballs!

What else would it be, man?!

12. Alcohol was a factor in making this joke. I hope.

Sometimes the inspiration just hits you. Even at the dinner table.

I thought you guys would like this
byu/CREEPONATER inpuns

11. Soooooo weak.

Sorry, bud. That content is just made for unfollows.

10. Legit snorted at this one.

And now that’s how I’m saying Minnesota from now on. Sorry.

byu/FreshRad inpuns

9. He had to work pretty hard for that one.

Was the set up worth it? You decide.

Those brother in law pun skills
byu/IDontBeleiveImOnFIre inpuns

8. That was a lot easier than I expected it to be.

People act like it’s such a big deal.

I Rewrote History Today
byu/OfficerBlart inpuns

7. Give the man his giggles.

It’s dumb, but do you know how long he worked on that?

6. Just wait for it.

This, of course, only works for one kind of nut but I’ll allow it.

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5. Yes, yes, excellent work.

I am picturing the expression of the salesperson’s face right now.

4. Also, someone was just really bored in class.

Isn’t education grand? I hope this kid’s parents aren’t paying for his.

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3. No. You stop that right now.

You can go too far, you know?

2. Okay come on that was really funny!

Universally tickled, we are.

byu/EnderRadaghastZ inpuns

1. And the Dad face to go along with it!

I would die if my dad sent me this text.

Well, was I right?

Which ones made you laugh the hardest?

You can admit it in the comments!