17 Great Father’s Day Gifts for Families on a Budget



It’s that time of year again – Father’s Day is just around the corner! Instead of making Dad force a smile and a “thank you” for another tie or a pair of socks, why not scroll through this list for some inspiration?

Dad will thank you (probably)! It’s worth a shot, anyway…

#17. Work Gloves

Photo Credit: Patagonia

This goatskin option is perfect for the dad who works around the house or in the yard – and what dad doesn’t?

#16. Healthy Cookbook

Photo Credit: Target

If the doctor has been on your dad about eating healthier, what better gift than a not-so-subtle reminder that you’d like to keep him around for a long time to come? The author cooked in the Obama White House, so he knows his stuff.

#15. Beer glasses

Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

These adorable, 16 oz. glasses made to look like beer cans are just $3.95 each.

#14. Bottle Caddy

Photo Credit: World Market

Whether he likes to show off his choice in wine or craft beers, this is a cool piece of decor for any bar, man cave, kitchen, or den.

#13. Wood Block Photo Holder

Photo Credit: Artifact Uprising

Not only is this a simple, rugged way to display pictures, but you can flip through up to a dozen different ones….because you know Dad isn’t going to be swapping pictures out of frames anytime soon.

#12. Smart Plug

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

This plug-in from Urban Outfitters is just $16 and lets you control whatever is plugged into it from your phone. Pretty neat!

#11. Clip-On Coffee Scoop

Photo Credit: The Line

This is actually a super cool gift if you’ve got a coffee lover on your list.

#10. Nice (Looking) Flip-Flops

Photo Credit: Old Navy

You can’t go wrong with a summer staple – you know he’ll get plenty of use out of these puppies.

#9. Bedside (or Recliner-side) Caddy

Photo Credit: Kikkerland

My dad would for sure use this on his favorite recliner – what better gift for dad than the ability to be lazy??

#8. Swim Shorts

Photo Credit: Target

I know, I know, they’re clothes. That said, you don’t want Dad to show up at the pool/lake/beach in his decade-old saggy ones, do you?

#7. FIXR Tool

Photo Credit: MoMA Design Store

There are 20 different tools hidden inside this handy, sleek little gadget that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

#6. Headphone Stand

Photo Credit: Amazon

For his noise-cancelling headphones or those ones that let him listen to the television as loud as he wants (needs) without bothering your mom, you can’t beat this gift.

#5. Pocket Compass + More

Photo Credit: Guideboat Co.

Dads have a notoriously bad sense of direction, so a good compass seems like a no-brainer. In addition, this little guy tells you the temperature AND the wind chill.

#4. Soap

Photo Credit: Hudson Madeny

It’s not cheap, nor does it smell girly, and no matter what Dad says, everyone loves to feel fresh and pampered after a nice, long shower.

#3. Sling Bag

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Okay, fine, it’s a fanny pack, but guess what? Your dad’s “classic” style is coming back around, so don’t miss out.

#2. Sommelier Knife

Photo Credit: NYBG Shop

It’s the perfect gift for a dad who opens a bottle or two on a typical weekend.

#1. Bug Repellent Soap

Photo Credit: Shop Terrain

It’s more soap, but this one comes with the added bonus of keeping pesky ticks and mosquitoes at bay. Sign me up!

h/t: The Stir – Cafe Mom