Western culture puts a premium on youth, and so we tend to shower compliments and amazement on people who know what they want to do and achieve their goals at a young age.

It’s just as impressive, if you ask me, if a person goes after their dreams at an older age – not only do they have to work hard, they have to overcome prejudices and stereotypes, too.

These 17 people have some super inspiring stories of the things they accomplished later in life, and they’re honestly giving me comfort in the knowledge that it’s never too late.

17. You might need years to tell the story right.

Or to find the right story.

16. There’s nothing like feeling strong.

At the end of the day, you feel amazing.

15. Mom friendly and human friendly.

Excellent work.

14. Makes you feel like you can do anything.

Young bloods didn’t know what was coming for them.

13. First thought: there’s a degree for that?

Second thought: where do I sign up?

12. This is super cool.

I actually didn’t know this was a thing.

11. You have to work harder.

So it probably means more.

10. The first part of that is actually the most impressive.

But all of it is, in fact, gravy.

9. We do what we have to do.

Until one day, hopefully we get to do what we want to do.

8. He never gave up the dream.

Second career time!

7. You’ve gotta keep your mind busy.

It doesn’t hurt to engage your hands, as well.

6. If you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t matter.


5. Like it was meant to be.

But leaps require courage.

4. I seriously didn’t know that was allowed.

I don’t know why not, though.

3. You never know where life will lead you.

Or how it will lead you back.

2. A lady with a plan.

And plenty of time still to enjoy the fruits.

1. You can’t lose what you love.

It’s sometimes just delayed for awhile…

I’m wowed by these people’s perseverance!

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