All kids do weird stuff. It’s totally normal, as kids are just trying to figure out how to be adults, and that takes some trial and error.

And I mean, to be fair adults also do a lot of weird and disturbing things, so maybe that’s just being human.

If you’re wondering where you fall on the scale of disturbing, these 17 people are sharing the most disturbing acts they committed while growing up.

17. Just to see what would happen.

I stapled my own finger at home to see what would happen. Well, it hurt and I had to pull it out again.

Some time later I put my finger into one of those car cigarette lighters while it was turned on while I was waiting for my mother to come back from buying groceries.

I really burned my finger and when she came back she asked why it’s smelling so burnt in here.

16. A heart-stopping moment.

Not me, but my 5 year old son. We had a small 5 step stair leading up to the front door.

We also a had a 2 meter long rope with couple of knots for him til climb up the sides of the stairs.

One day we heard crying outside. He was laying on the ground holding his hands across his neck.

He told us, he had tried to see if he was able to jump from the stairs with the rope tied to his neck. Just to see if he could hang and dangle there.

He had no notion of what being hanged or strangled was.

15. Little pyro.

Tried making fireworks out of toy plastic Easter eggs and wd40.

It blew up in my face and burned my hair eyebrows and eye lashes on one side of my face.

I didn’t get hurt and didn’t notice I was missing any hair till I left the woods and when I got home my mom started screaming.

14. So petty.

When I was 10 and felt like I was being mistreated by stepmother I would find small holes in her pantyhose or underwear while I was hanging out the washing and ripped them bigger.

I also keyed her car along the base of the driver door.

13. Impulse control issues.

When I was 8 or 9 I made a slingshot and went up on our 2nd story and saw this 4 year old walking so I hit him with it.

I never told anyone about it and I still feel guilty for doing that.

12. What a little jerk.

TLDR; watched my family break down and think I was taken.

I remember being in one of those hollow tubes that connect playground sections and deciding it was a good spot for a nap but was so amped to be at the park I couldn’t fall asleep.

There were holes in the sides of the tube, like tiny windows. At some point I realized my parents were looking for me and calling my name.

Idr why but I decided it’d be a worth experiment to just sit back and watch my family, then neighbors, then neighborhood in utter panic thinking I’d been kidnapped.

I just laid there, listening, sometimes watching through the side holes.

11. Regular sibling stuff.

When my siblings would have small coughs or something along the line, I somehow always managed to convince them they were either gonna die or were very sick. Not sure how I didn’t get in trouble for this but I kinda think they were just silently expecting to die for a while.

Anyways they didn’t trust me all that much when it came to medical stuff for a while and I still feel guilty years after

10. He did it twice.

I loved Spiderman and wanted to have powers too, so I twisted a metal hanger and stuck in the socket.

The zap I got made me drop it right away, but several days later, I thought “maybe I just need to hold on longer” and so I tried it again.

Mom caught me the second time and seemed very, very upset at the prospect of having a superhero for a son, so I didn’t try it again.

9. So mean!

I convinced my youngest sister that she was adopted and her real parents were really rich and were coming by at 6pm to take her away.

I helped her pack a suitcase and said not to tell anyone or else they wouldn’t come.

I told her she could have a horse and live in a big house and not have to share a room.

My mother noticed the suitcase and was very pissed at me.

8. Boys, I swear.

I don’t know if this is really disturbing … but my friends and I when we were like seven or eight used to have this fortress we built in these massive bushes up against the front of my house.

Was pretty cool because it was like a maze in there.

Where it all fell apart was we decided it was OK to have a pee corner since we couldn’t be bothered to go up into the house.

This lasted about a week before my mom figured it out and yelled at us to stop.

How’d she figure it out? We were peeing directly below their bedroom window and they were trying to figure out where the constant stench of piss was coming from.

7. Super cringe.

Joined Yahoo or AOL chats, and everyone was like ASL, then they’d send naked pics… Happened 3 times in a row… I thought that was themselves. And I should share my pics back. So I (12) took pics of my own peen and sent it out to every person who “showed me theirs first”. Eventually, I caught on that those were porn stars.

Actually up till that point, when someone saw boobs and they said “fake”, I thought they meant like CGI or animated. Not silicone. So the thought that porno was real naked women… completely new to me.

So here I am, chatting with someone whos sending me some porn star named Gauge(?) I think, whom I thought was a 16 year old girl… And I’m sending pics of my weewee back……

My wife is the only person I’ve ever told this until now lol.

6. That could have been bad.

I got angry with my sister and put Nair hair removal on her pillow.

Thankfully she smelled it first before putting her head on the pillow.

I was severely punished for this disturbing action.

5. I wonder what he thought.

When my mom’s friend came over, I would sit in his lap and stroke his hairy arms like a cat.

Nothing sexual about it (I was 7).

My dad has a disorder that made all his hair fall out, so seeing hairy arms was fascinating to me.

I look back at it and cringe, especially since I still know this person in my 20’s

4. The horror.

Microwaved a dead frog in an attempt to cremate it when I was ~8. It exploded.

Unsurprisingly I went to college for mortuary science/funeral service, which I did not complete.

3. Not everything can be cuddled.

My family had a pet gold fish and I, being an animal lover, couldn’t handle its cuteness and decided to take it out of the water to cuddle it.

It died.

2. All little kids are.

When I was 5 years old in preschool I was sitting next to a girl I didn’t like during a movie. The lights were off and we were all huddled around. I don’t know how I even thought of this, but I bit myself in the arm and screamed saying she bit me.

The other little girl was put in timeout and I thought I was in the clear until the teacher’s assistant told the teacher what actually happened.

When my mom picked me up that afternoon my teacher told her what happened and they legitimately thought I was a psychopath.

1. This is actually hilarious.

I asked random people when they were gonna die because I liked their job and thought people had one job until they died.

I’m definitely not as strange as I thought, y’all. Eep.

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