Sure, everyone is unique and all that, but there is also a ubiquitous “dad brand” that all dads must adhere to, at least at a minimum. I don’t make the rules, y’all!

You might as well just accept it, the way these 17 dads have done, because everyone’s gonna be a whole lot happier if you just go ahead and Dad as hard as you can.

17. A masterclass in passive aggression.

Usually I wouldn’t approve but etiquette is the exception.

16. I mean we can all agree that this sounds like a pretty excellent day.

Dad or not, honestly.

15. You’re a dad now, it’s allowed!

Also that way your wife can also gain 20lbs without judgment, right?

14. Ah, gotta love the anal retentive dad!

These aren’t as common as some dad varieties!

13. The never ending dad project.

You’ve gotta have one or they’ll pull your card.

12. This is just an older person in general move.

I swear, I’m not a dad I’m just a lazy shopper.

11. There is a long list of Dad Concerns.

Also, we don’t use the phrase “the youths” nearly enough.

10. And telling people it would be a shame to waste it just mowing, I assume.

Remember that’s still drinking and driving, my friend.

9. Time waster? Maybe.

But now you can speak with authority on the subject.

8. He was just resting his eyes.

We can rewind everything now anyway.

7. A rookie mistake for a dad.

But they do love to utilize their trucks.

6. Yes, Nike makes an exclusively “dad” line.

The fact that I don’t think they’re that ugly just means I’m a mom.

5. I want to disapprove but I just can’t.

It’s legitimately funny, yall!

4. It must not have been a very good movie.

That’s not on you, my friend.

3. You’ve gotta get the most for your money.

And also make good time. Don’t forget that part.

2. Ten at night in public? Woof.

That’s not going to happen.

1. Dads never take their audience into consideration.

Honestly, that’s the gift of a Dad Joke.

I love dads. The good ones are great, aren’t they?

What’s the most dad thing your dad ever did? Tell us about it in the comments!