If the 1990s smells like Teen Spirit, then the ’80s is synonymous with these 17 smells – so get ready for a ride down memory lane, my fellow 80s babies.

17. The smell of your really hot VCR.


16. If you say you didn’t sniff these, you’re lying.

15. It was almost like you were washing with laundry detergent, but not quite.

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14. I never had peaches and cream but I knew in my heart this is what they smelled like.

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13. The smell soundtrack of our youths.

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12. The sweet plastic smell of My Little Pony.


11. Smells like summer days at the pool.

10. These things might not have erased well but they did have that sweet rubber smell.

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9. Wood puzzles don’t smell like wood anymore, you know?

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8. Until White Rain was replaced by Herbal Essence, neither of which did my hair any favors.

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7. To get the full effect, remember how they smelled when you kept a bunch of them in a drawer?


6. Apparently, our childhoods basically smelled like various plastics.


5. Especially after you put some pencils in them and the scents co-mingled…

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4. I still don’t trust hairspray that doesn’t smell like this.


3. Because, Debbie Gibson. (Yes, you can still buy it).

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2. No strawberry has ever smelled as much like a strawberry as Strawberry Shortcake.


1. Freshly opened PlayDoh.


It really was a great time to be a kid.