There’s no denying that life can be serious, but most people will also tell you that the key to dealing with those tough times is being able to laugh at the absurdity of you know. All of it.

If you’re looking to work on the humor part of things, here are 17 things people say you should stop taking so seriously.

17. It really isn’t worth it.

Weddings. So many couples spend tens of thousands on a wedding ceremony and are then in debt for years because of it. The same applies for wedding rings etc. If you can afford it, that’s great. But if you or your partner demands an expensive wedding/ring then that’s a really toxic relationship you should try to avoid. You should love someone whether they give you super expensive things or not.

Pranks. Especially those that are posted on social media where the victim often ends up getting hurt in some way. I remember reading about a person who got their head slammed into a cake by their “friends” and they had to go to hospital because the cake had wooden supports in it that got themselves nice and comfy in the person’s eyes. If it actually hurts someone, it isn’t just a prank anymore (unless they specifically say they’re okay with it).

16. I mean honestly.

What celebrities are doing.

Reminds me of the latest trend; celebrities who are confessing they don’t shower daily.

15. There’s definitely no prize.

Working 80 to 100 hours a week. I think working 40 hours is too much. My goal is to work the least amount possible, make the most money possible, so I can enjoy my life more.

I work from home now, but even when I worked at the office I made a point of never arriving before my days start time, and never staying after my day was over. When my co-workers would ask how I can do that so consistently every day I remind them that the work will be there tomorrow no matter how long I stay in the office today.

14. Our new “reality.”

Social media.

It’s gotten to the point where some of my social circle seems to think not only “pics or it didn’t happen,” but also “posts or you never thought it.”

They think if you didn’t share the meme they posted about…..whatever….you must not care. If you didn’t put a temporary frame around your profile pic, you’re callous to the latest tragedy.

If you didn’t like and share the unverified story about some child on the other side of the planet with cancer, you must think cancer is a joke.

If you don’t repost the political statements they make, you must be with the other guy.

13. Everybody all the time.

Their overblown sense of self-importance.

It’s kind of everybody all the time. I don’t know if it’s social media or what, but it seems like everyone suddenly thinks their opinion or viewpoint is important. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist or something but who gives a shit how regular people feel about regular everyday shit? 99% of people don’t matter outside their social circle and it seems like everybody is constantly striving to be noticed and admired and respected by strangers. It doesn’t seem healthy.

You don’t have to be important. Your ideas aren’t revolutionary. You aren’t unique and special. You’re just a person. And that’s ok!

12. It’s just a game.

Children’s sports.

I coached soccer for 8-10 year olds this year. I knew parents were going to be a bit extra coming out of a pandemic school year and that it’s hard to coach that age anyway.

I was completely unprepared for just how bad it would be.

The league made it clear that masks would stay on at all times, every single person at the field over 3 included. I had a harder time getting the parents to wear them than I did the kids. Out of 6 games, 3 of them had parents from the other team screaming at the teenage refs or my players for something.

I told the league admin after our 4th game that I was done and exactly why. They talked me into finishing the season. Those last two games were ok but she stood at our field the entire time.

Youth sports are great for the kids but impossible because of parents.

11. Just chill out.

On Reddit, I’ve noticed that slight exaggerations are taken way too seriously. Like if I’d say I paid $5 for a jumbo bag of chips, I’d get a bunch of people ganging up on me saying “You filthy good-for-nothing liar! It’s $4.99! $4.99!! Got that? Now go whip yourself until you bleed to death!”

In my experience Reddit is full of people just looking to correct people, so any slight exaggeration is pounced upon by someone with a list of links to sources explaining why you’re AKSHUALLY wrong.

10. Not everything is a serious competition.

Bar bingo.

My boyfriend is a caller and every time I win something I get called a cheater, thinking that it’s completely fixed and he’s letting me win these Bud Lite Sunglasses. It’s literally all some people have and they’re SUPER competitive.

9. There are many explanations.

Texting, a late response can either mean you are playing hard to get, don’t care, actually care but waiting to not seem desperate or dislikes the person. Wtf I just went to take a crap and missed your message.

If I take long to reply to you, the most likely scenario is that I saw it right as the best part of a song came up and didn’t want to ruin the experience so I just pushed away the notification and thought I’ll answer in a minute. Then I forgot until a few hours later.

8. You do you.

Other people’s opinions about what you should do with your life.

People are going to talk crap anyways so let them and do whatever makes you happy.

One of my favorite Community quotes “It’s you against the world and you’re NOT going to win. But you get to make your moves, no one else”

7. We can’t be “typed.”

Zodiac signs.


Myer-Briggs personality types.

6. You definitely don’t want to win.

People get competitive over who has the most injuries, got the least sleep, has the worst mental condition, etc etc. It’s actually crazy how much people want to be in the worst condition possible.

“oh man i could only get 4 hours of sleep yesterday”

maybe that’s why you’re acting like a cranky dick to everyone??

5. Does it really matter?

Opinions on films / TV shows that are contradictory to their own.

Who the heck cares if someone hates Marvel

I got called racist when I said I didn’t want to see Black Panther.
Or maybe….just maybe…super hero films don’t interest me

4. That’s not how it works.

Yeah… competing on who’s life is more miserable and who’s the most unfortunate.

The most annoying are those people who think that the more their life sucks, the more they know about life.

You don’t know squat about life. Wait until you’re 43, divorced, alcoholic, and reduced to sleeping on your best friend’s kitchen floor after getting fired. Then come talk to me.

I dunno, Todd. Kinda seems like you just have a superiority complex over your crappy life decisions.

3. It’s all made up?

DC vs. Marvel.

Also, whichever chain has the best burger.

It’s fine if people are debating it in a tongue-in-cheek way for fun, but, like, some people act as though there’s an objective answer to whether Shake Shack/Five Guys/In-n-Out/Whataburger is best.

Like, we get it, you have excessive regional pride.

Also, holy crap, but Reddit coins and Karma. I can’t imagine a grown adult caring about that stuff at all. How???

2. A little bit of power.

Being a moderate on something really small. Minecraft realm, discord server, etc, etc,.

Some mods go WAY overboard. Like they’re an assistant manager at a chain restaurant on a power trip. It’s really crazy to see.

Not all mods obviously. Some just do it for the sake of doing it. But a good amount just do it for the power, I guess.

The worst are the ones that sticky their own posts, then tag every post with a hilarious “joke” they made up. Then they ban anyone who speaks up about it. It’s just so weird.

This sub is pretty relaxed, especially for being such a large subreddit. It’s a lot of more medium sized ones where I see it

1. You’ve got your entire life.

Losing their virginity. People are obsessed with losing it early.

When I was a teen all media portrayed male virgins as pathetic losers. Tell me about toxic.

A lot of people really think like this. I lost mine at 20 and I used to beat myself up for being a virgin till that day. And some people still tell me 20 is late to lose your virginity.

Like, some people tell me that “16-17 is the age normal dudes have sex for the first time”.

I’m going to have to work on a few of these, I think.

What would you add to this list? We want to hear about it in the comments!