17 Times Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Were #CouplesGoals



There are a few celebrity couples that everyone loves – Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, Harry and Meghan – and after you check out these 17 moments, you’re definitely going to agree that Sophie and Joe belong on the “awesome couples” list.

Because #couplesgoals, for real.

#17. When she had to tell him to shut up, because, men.

#16. It’s okay Joe, no one is sure who should sit on the Iron Throne.

#15. It’s too much adorable.

#14. Their supportive relationship goes both ways.

#13. How he can’t keep his eyes off of her.

#12. When they got married in Vegas. With ring pops.

#11. I mean, effing duh.

#10. Goofy dance moves included.

#9. They know it’s the little things.

#8. They hang out with each other’s families.

#7. When they were not at all precious about their wedding clothes.

#6. The couple who plays together…

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#5. He supports her, with panache.

#4. He even gave up his phone so he could be on set with her during the final GOT season.

#3. And then he was her date to the premiere.

#2. Because they get excited together.

#1. Because he’s her wingman.

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No more arguments!