Knock-knock jokes might not be high brow, and you might not always find them funny, but listen – kids love them, and as they say, things are classic for a reason!

If you have a kiddo at home that needs to be entertained (or you need a way to make them laugh at the end of yet another long day), give these 18 knock-knock jokes a try.

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They’re actually pretty legit!

Oh, and obviously, they all start with “knock, knock” and “who’s there?”

18. Kenya.

Kenya who?
Kenya feel the love tonight?

17. Owls say.

Owls say who?
Yes, they do.

16. Interrupting sloth.

Interrupting sloth who?
(20 seconds of silence)

15. Cash.

Cash who?
No thanks, but I’d love some peanuts.

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14. Cabbage.

Cabbage who?
You expect a cabbage to have a last name?

13. Mustache.

Mustache who?
Mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later!

12. Sweden.

Sweden who?
Sweden sour chicken!

11. Dwayne.

Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub ⏤ I’m dwowning!

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10. Art.

Art who?

9. Control freak.

Okay, now you say control freak who?

8. Smellmop.

Smellmop who?
Ew, no thanks!

7. Theodore.

Theodore who?
Theodore wasn’t opened so I knocked.

6. I need a puh.

I need a puh-who?
Then why don’t you find a toilet! 

5. Cereal.

Cereal who?
Cereal pleasure to meet you!

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4. Hatch.

Hatch who?
God bless you!

3. Keith.

Keith who?
Keith me, my thweet prince!

2. Honeybee.

Honeybee who?
Honeybee a dear and open up will you?

1. Europe.

Europe who?
No, you’re a poo!

As knock-knock jokes go, these were great – I giggled at least a few times!

Did you love these? Was there a favorite?

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