Parenting is no joke, and parenting full time for weeks on end while also trying to work and maintain a marriage and not go bankrupt buying groceries, well…it’s a trick that many parents are feeling that they aren’t going to be able to perform for very much longer.

Like these 18 parents, who are just barely hanging on to the end of their ropes.

18. It’s a hard lesson, I know.

Best they learn early.

17. You’ve gotta be able to have the hard conversations.

If he’s not good enough, he’s not good enough.

16. I’m laughing now because next week it will be me.

Live and learn, my friend.

15. No one could have foreseen this, though.

Not that it’s much different from regular life with kids.

14. Before all of this, you thought music was so great and enriching.

Previous you was so naive and innocent.

13. He will make you laugh…

Until you cry. And still, he will not stop.

12. You might as well not have gotten up.

But you would feel badly if they injured themselves. Mostly because you’d have to go to the hospital.

11. They’re so adorable, aren’t they?

Until they’re not.

10. Not for a while, child.

Because if you break mommy’s favorite cup there will be blood.

9. Don’t be jealous that she thought of it first.

Her genius is one reason you married her, after all.

8. That sounds about right.

Seriously, don’t worry about it right now.

7. I’m going to guess he probably doesn’t.

Your teacher just spared you that little detail during conferences.

6. All the better to steal their identities with, my dear.

Open windows are a blessing and a curse.

5. This definitely sounds about right.

And nobody wins. Just nobody.

4. They’re eating everything so. quickly.

3. Because no parent has the energy to police all of that.

Honestly. You’ve got to pick your battles.

2. You’ve got to take advantage of those teachable moments.

Each and every one, especially if it saves you money.

1. I guarantee she was happy for the amusement.

It’s one of the best parts of being a teacher.

I’ve gotta say, I can sympathize!

I think it’s the not knowing when it will end that really gets you some days.

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