There are things in life that we all assume will happen to use eventually – we’ll get a cavity, we’ll get a speeding ticket, a bee will sting us – and for the majority of human beings those experiences do come as expected.

For others, they seem to lead some kind of charmed existence (in avoiding the bad stuff) or are missing out on something (with the good stuff), and you might be surprised at the experiences these 18 people have never had.

18. Until now…

Never made a post on Reddit or other social media after being on Reddit for 9+ years now.

17. Well you know he will eventually.

I’ve never been to a funeral.

16. Winning is subjective, though.

Winning a cards against humanity game.

15. Healthy veins, this one.

I’ve never gotten a nose bleed.


14. When you put it that way…

39 straight male and I’ve never been to a strip club.

I’ve been invited to go to a strip club many times. Just doesn’t seem appealing.

Don’t see the point in giving myself blue balls, going home frustrated, knocking one out then crying myself to sleep.

13. He’s defying the odds.

Despite living in Scotland and being a white, heterosexual male, I’ve never played a round of golf.

12. RIP their inbox.

I’ve never smoked a cigarette or been sent a dick pic

edit: (and I don’t want any, thanks)

Edit 2: Mistakes were made by admitting that to the internet but any pics will remain schro-dong-ers pic and will never be opened. Is it a dick? Is it a cigarette? We will never know!

11. I think this is a good thing?

I’m 30 years old and I’ve never had a wet dream.

They really hammered home now normal and common this was when we took health class in middle school that I thought something might be wrong with me because I didn’t.

10. A milk drinker?

21. Never broke a bone, never have a fracture.

9. Snowball fights are fun, though!

any natural disaster and snowball fights

8. Legally blind.

I never learned how to drive. I’m thirty.

I legally can’t due to how bad my eyes are.

I can’t see my hand in front of my face with the other without my glasses. I only cross streets at stop lights because I can’t see well enough to see a driver motioning me across. 🙃

7. It’s a thing.

Brain freeze from ice cream, etc. I have no idea what y’all are talking about.

I get throat freezes. And they hurt. Any time anyone has ever said “brain freeze”, I just assumed they meant the same thing as what I felt, and it was a misnomer.

I only recently discovered people actually feel a brain freeze in their head. I’ve never experienced that! Just those damn throat freezes.

6. Not hateful.

I’m 57 and nobody has ever told me that they are lgbtq. I have some gay and lesbian friends, but I only know it b/c somebody else told me.

I’m a grizzly, old, redneck-looking motherfucker so maybe ppl think I’d be hateful. Also, I don’t talk about sex so it isn’t likely to come up in a conversation.

5. There’s more to life.

Long term relationship.

I’ve always been somewhat of a loaner, but lately I’ve been looking to not be alone.

Covid hasn’t helped that, though.

4. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise.

Never been fired from a job knock on wood

3. Good on ya.

Married 36 years. I’m almost the only person I know thats never been divorced.

My wife has been divorced 3 times.

2. Roommates can go either way.

Never rented a home or had a roommate

1. It’s not as common as people think.

Being called for Jury Duty. I am forty and my dad and my sister have both been called, but not me.

I wouldn’t mind sitting on a jury, but most people I know that got called for it never got picked. They just wasted time in the court house all day just to be told to go home. I wouldn’t want to do that.

Most of these things people should be thankful for avoiding, if you ask me!

What’s something totally normal that’s never happened to you? Keep blowing our minds down in the comments!