It’s not cool to make fun of kids (just ask Chrissy Teigen), and that probably goes double for a newborn baby. But I submit that the jokes about Elon Musk’s baby “name” choice are really about his parents, not him at all.

If anything, we all feel a bit sorry for the little guy, despite how much money he’ll have growing up.

These people on Twitter definitely agree, so don’t feel too badly about laughing at their jokes!

18. You guyyyys, this picture doesn’t even need a caption.

Just like this kid’s name, it’s never going to make sense.

17. Why even bother with a crib, honestly?

And he doesn’t need that swaddle. It will only impede his floating.

16. And he’s not telling.

His lips are zippered.

15. But what are his friends going to call him?

Because you can’t predict that nickname, I promise you that.

14. This is as accurate as it is hilarious.

13. He joins legions of us.

But I refuse to believe Trisha is even in the same ballpark.

12. He hopes he’s that fabulous.

Jury’s still out; he’s got a lot to overcome.

11. That sounds about right.

They’ll probably be living in outer space by the time he’s old enough for chores and stuff.

10. I mean. It’s probably as effective as most heart-to-hearts with teenagers.

Maybe more? It’s hard to say.

9. He’s skipping right over the jetpack stage.

There’s no gravity on Mars anyway.

8. They’d better not forget to plug him in at night.

I suppose Musk is prepared for that sort of thing.

7. I don’t know why this is so funny.

I’m still laughing though.

6. He won’t need any help learning how to make videos.

I bet he’s already made some, tbh. He’s on TikTok.

5. If only it were that easy.

Maybe he’s onto something.

4. Trust me, no one was going to guess that.

Nor would they try to, honestly.

3. You guys I cannot with these videos.

Where are people finding them?!

2. I have no idea what’s going on here.

But it seems as legit as anything else.

1. Honestly, this really explains a lot.

Not everything, but some of it.

I mean…

What were they thinking?

Let’s take a poll on whether or not this kid is going to change his “name” in 18 years.